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Spring Cleaning, Where is The Energy? It's Gone!



Well, this time of year is time to get outdoors, do things, go places, clean out, clean up and throw away all the stuff you somehow accumulated over the past year and really didn't use it or in many cases didn't need it. You managed to bring it home anyway and most of it got no farther than the garage or perhaps the basement storage area.


It's funny how we stumbled over and around it all year and still couldn't decided to use it, sell it, give it away to the neighbor next door! Bicycles seem to jump out the store right in our vehicles, we get them home, admire all the new changes made since we last rode one years ago.


So many customers were pushing them out the store we had to investigate the reason and end up doing the same thing because our grand child's birthday is coming up in a few months and we think she/he will want a shinny new bike. Well the birthday came and went, they rode it once and back in the garage it goes. Now it's spring time, there it sits with two flat tires and been rode once! What the heck, it was on sale cheap! :unsure:


It will take several weeks not days to get all the things we plan to get rid of in one place. Garage sale, no. Yard sale no indeed! Most of the little stuff hits the curb side awaiting the trash man to pick up. What about the old broken chairs we vowed to fix last winter? The old car tires we kept but never had any rotated so out they go too! :rolleyes:


By now we are really tired of moving stuff, so we stop until tomorrow, very little space has been seen from all that work and mind over matter! Now we are really tired! So much for spring cleaning. Maybe next spring we will finish? How much more will we have by that time?


Does this sound familiar to any members here? :big_grin:


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Fred: you're right where I am. I look at something and say that needs cleaned, thrown away, straightened out, etc. but physically I can't do it and of course like others I tire out. My husband is tired of me telling (suggesting?) what needs done. He has his own schedule Right now is NOT a good time. Good luck to you. More later...Leah :bouncing_off_wall:

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Fred, I am like you too much to do all of a sudden. There is the lawn, the shrubs that need trimming, garage needs cleaning out and things need to be given away. I volunteerd at a thrift shop that supports developmentally and physicallly challenged adults. I use to bring things there and still hope to do that. Larry does not like garage sales and I think they are not worth the effort. My neighbor across the street has about 3 a year and it is a joint effort. Good for them. Larry is not into saving so out it will go. It's a good feeling to clean out or give to someone who needs it.



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Hey, I just happened to see Christmas lights on top the green hedges today. They were the same color as the hedge being green wire, it blended in real good. So, in the garage they go, I had a box to put them in from what I carried out just the other day!

i bet my little wife forgot all about them being out there! :forgive_me?: I was checking the yard since my yardman had cut the grass and picked up all the brown leaves front and back yard. Now he'll put down the fertilizer Saturday morning he says!

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Fred, glad you are doing some spring cleaning, here what goes out on the curb is picked over and a lot of it finishes up in someone else's garage. Recycling eh?


I guess I should do some autumn cleaning...sigh.



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