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Going to San Antonio For A Bowling Tournament



I decided to get out of town and drive down to San Antonio for a senior bowling tournament today through Sunday. My wife says "GO" so I'm going later today, it's a chance to see many of my old bowlers I competed with and against until 2004 when the stroke sit me down. When I visited the web site, there is a list of deceased members, man a lot of them are gone on so I feel blessed to still be around to watch them bowl since I can't do it anymore myself.


How are we to know how long we will be doing something we like or love to do. I rolled 300 games several times and won a few championships in my day so it will be good for me to remember back in the day when I was able to compete with the guys. I will feel good just being able to ride in the bowling center on my scooter and greet those I haven't seen for many years now!


Many of the young guys are now seniors, my how time flies by so it should be a good trip for me to make and see them all competing again. And to think back, I drilled many of their bowling balls in my Pro Shop and they rolled some good games with them! I hated to sell the business but really had no other choice. Hopefully I can snap a few pictures to post in the gallery here.


It should be a good trip and it's not that close to the border so it should be a safe trip for me. I think San Antonio is one of the basketball tournament sites like it is here in Waco, home of the women Baylor Bears team. I imagine the traffic will be heavy on the interstate highway going and returning back to Killeen. I'll take my time, the highway patrolmen loves to write tickets and I hate getting one.


I plan on taking my laptop to keep in touch with the gang but no access to my emails unless I remember how to retrieve them from my desktop!


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Guest lwisman




One of the things I do when I get a bit down about not being able to do something (well) I did previously is to make a list of all the things I am quite happy to no longer have the ability to do. For example: shovel snow, change tires and mow the lawn. It gladdens my heart. :big_grin:



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I am so happy you are going for the bowling tournament. you ae going to have great time mingling with your old friends & making new ones at the tournament.



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good for you. it will be great to see some of your buddies and i'm sure they'll be just as glad to see you.

several 300 games?You-Rock.gif have fun check your rearview mirrorbusted_cop.gif often. blessings lynn

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Well, I made it there 150 miles through Austin to San Antonio. It wasn't a bad drive just heavy traffic with many big trucks but they had signs up all the way saying, "no trucks in left lane." The cars going slower than the posted speed limits in the left lane made travel a real headache.


I got to see many of them I remember but only a few that remembered me bowling and operating the bowling pro shop in the center they bowled in when they came to Killeen. That brought back a lot of, "Well, how have you been the last 7 years?" Then they said you can see a lot of us are missing and gone on, but we got many others that have turned 50 since you bowled with us last.


Some were gray hair, older but still bowling pretty good for their ages! A couple wives had passed too and for many of them it was cancer that took them out. I say to all men over 50, take the time, get your colon checked every 10 years. I got one coming up in 3 years, it'll be my second time.


I left there about noon to get a jump on traffic and that 150 miles back, so I didn't watch all the second shift finish their 8-game block. I had a good time with old friends and they can still tell lies and war stories like usual. No body bowler a 300 game but had high games along the way!

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Good for you Fred. Glad you made it there and back safely. My money would still be on you if you were still among the ranks. You're a tough act to follow. Those kids have nothin on you, you're a legend. :You-Rock:


Maria :friends:

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