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At the doctor yesterday & 1st Worship Committee Meeting since teh stroke



I'm not even sure how to start this off. I had my monthly appointment with my GP. It didn't go well, but it didn't go badly either. It just didn't go the way I wanted it to go.


I'm still not allowed to drive. My balance is slightly improved from this time last month, but not good enough for Dr. Mike to give me the ok to drive yet. We'll check again next visit. thumbsd.gif


My ekg and blood pressure were good, so I can stay off the enalipril. I'm also having coughing fits much less often, so Dr. Mike says that much of the coughing was a side effect of enalipril, and that my swallowing reflex is showing improvement. Hopefully it will continue to get stronger. thumbsu.gif


My right hand strength is showing a little improvement, which is good. He told me to keep up the work I'm doing at the fitness center and with the resistance ball. It should continue to get better. goodjob.gif


Walking wit hthe rollator is helping my stamina, which is good, so keep using that and not the cane. I prefer the cane, but I can live withthe rollator. gleam.gif


Basically, keep working out in the fitness center, keep taking walks, and keep coming back every month for a follow-up to check on things. gym.gif


It wasn't a bad follow-up. I just really wanted to have the ability to drive myself around again.




I made it out to the first Worship Committee meeting since I had the stroke last evening. I dropped so much when I had the stroke - Sunday School, Lay Reader, Eucharistic Minister, Worship Committee, Stedwardship Committee, Ministry Education, you name it. This was my first attempt to get back to any of it.


I'm sorry to say that I'm not even attemding service regularly right now. If I sleep throughteh Sunday morning alarm, Sam just shuts it off and lets me sleep. That's the deal we have. If I wake up, I go, if I don't, then I needed to sleep and I do'nt go.


I'm not ready to tackle running teh Sunday School or all of that yet. That will still take time. But at least I've made a first step.


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stroke recovery is all baby steps, just know that you will reach your goal of driving & running those activity again. slow & steady wins the race.



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Hi Lydia


As asha said it is all slow motion . The LORD for what ever reason has said hay LYDIA slow down look around. There are going to be some limitations on you for know. Rest up and then look and slowly find that new path, I have set for you. I really believe this. I worked 40 years in the medical field, saw all kinds of injury and sickness. I was starting to slowly burn out but would not quit till my strokes. This forced me to reevaluate my life and what was out there for me to move on to. I think that perhaps that is what you are going through so keep your eyes open your trust in the Lord and he will guide you. On to something new and wonderful. A new trip in life if you will.



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Yes indeed, baby steps, small achievements, small changes in your life.


I am glad you went to Worship service, you can choose to go or to sleep in. You will find you are more inclined to want to work in the Sunday school or to contribute in some way once you are more regular though. You will know when that is.


I think it must be so hard not to be able to drive when you so want to. I felt so sorry for Ray when he found out he would never get his licence back, it really was traumatic for him as he had made driving so much a part of who he was.



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