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Much better



Dan's surgery went very well. It took 6 hours, 2 hours longer than expected because his colon was so diseased. The first things he said when I saw him in Recovery were: 1) I surprised everyone, I didn't die 2) I'm hungry and 3) When can I have Chinese? All of the docs who have seen him are very pleased, if not a little surprised, by how well he's doing. He's been so frail for so long everyone was very concerned about the surgery outcome. He even had solid food yesterday and scarfed it down in about 15 minutes. It usually takes about an hour for him to get a meal done.


I've made it through two hurdles, now I have to get through the next one. Rehab - the 5 letter word that Dan hates. He's been in bed for so long that he can't even sit up. I want to bring him home because of the last ECF debacle, but I'm concerned that he won't get enough rehab at home even with help. If PT in the hospital could at least get him to sit up and do just a short stand I'd feel much better about it. He's got a double whammy this time because he's so weak plus now he's got the surgery that needs to heal.


Once he's healed from the surgery and able to transfer life will be so much easier for both of us. We can actually go out somewhere and not have to look for a toilet the minute we leave the house. No more public bathroom transfers without grab bars...yippee!! I think for pee breaks we can just get him to stand and use a urinal. I'll be carrying ostomy supplies around instead of diapers and extra trousers.


I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It's a very long tunnel, but we are closer.


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I am so happy that surgery went well and Dan is getting his appetite back. That is a good start. Now you and Dan will be in my prayers for more recovery in rehab. All the best to both of you.



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I am so happy that surgery went well & Dan is getting his appetite back. wishing you goodluck in Dan's rehab & will keep you both in my prayers.



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Mary Jo.

I was so worried. I am glad that you need to carry other supplies. Ostomy...this should get better. It is along road but you will make it go.

Dan just has to get some strength in those legs and other muscles. Then he can stand and sit up and help you out. I am glad to hear that he has an appetite and can actually eat. This is wonderful news.



One day soon he will be home in that new house.

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Mary Jo: yes, it has been a long, hard road, but I am so glad the surgery went well and he is eating solids. That will be major in his recovery: good nutrition that can be absorbed.


He's a card: didn't lose his sense of humor, did he?


I know you are tired of all this and just want him home, but please do not rush this. He's come this far and a bit of time in Rehab will give you some time to get the house in order, caught up on things you've had to let slide and maybe take some time for your: hairdresser, mani-pedi. When you are comfortable with his transfer situation and you both have had teaching that you are comfortable with the new regime, get him out and home.


I so admire your positive outlook as to the future. You seem to have fully embraced the new challenges. A true inspiration. Debbie

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how nice to read such a wonderful outcome. may our prayers coninue to work their wonders. blessings lynnpash.gif

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Mary Jo,

A successful surgery, that's great news. I hope Dan's recovery goes as well as he seems to feel. Eating well is sure a good sign. Here's a little tidbit for you: My Dear Mother passed away 2 years ago at the age of 96. She had a colostomy for 35 years, traveled Europe and all over the U.S. with it. Good luck and prayers for a quick rehab, Mike



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