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Rehab, deja vu all over again



Dan was discharged from the hospital Wednesday, 3/30. He's now in a rehab facility. He totally doesn't want to be there and lets it be known to anyone who is within yelling distance. He's so weak that they have to use a Hoyer lift to get him out of bed. His back hurts really bad every they get him up because he's been flat on his back for over two months. I think this place is going to work. They get him out of bed for every meal and he goes to the dining room to eat. The only exception is based upon the intensity of his pain. I think I've convinced them that they need to get the pain under control so that he can do rehab. They're giving him his "every 4 hours as needed" pain med every 4 hours.


He was in such an incredibly negative bad mood yesterday. He told me he'd never get out of there. I told him that he can't control the past, he had a stroke and that can't be changed. However, he can control today, tomorrow, and the rest of his future. Coming home and his future mobility depend upon him doing his best at rehab. I also told him his complaining was getting really old. When I visited him this afternoon he commented on me telling him he was too negative all the time, then he proceeded to comment on how good his doctors have been. He even said he felt pretty good. I was surprised that he actually paid attention to what I said and very pleased that he wasn't as negative this evening. Guess the drugs are working! lol


So, all in all, today wasn't a great day but it was better than yesterday. I know he'll have good days and bad days. I will too.


One good thing about this place is that it's only 3 1/2 miles from home. How I hated driving 30 miles round trip to see him. It physically and mentally wore me out. I can stop in there anytime I want for as short a time as I want and not have to spend $5 a day for parking.


Thanks to everyone for the hugs you sent me in chat. Chat always lifts my spirits. I can talk to people who really understand what it's like.


Hugs to all.




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MJ, Very good that you found some where close to home so you can visit at any moment. We are here to help each other in chat, or on the boards.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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Mary Jo: congratulations on one step further into this recovery. I can just imagine your relief at moving forward again. I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back and toasted to the advances.


I am so happy you seem to have found a Rehab for Dan that is actually responding to his needs but also the emphasis on recovery: pain relief (and good for them, The current thinking in Rehab vs SNF is scheduling the pain meds and not just prn. Doesn't make sense to let the pain heighten to a point where even strong pain meds don't resolve it.), getting out of bed, meals in the dining room. Sounds to me like you found the right place and good it is closer to home. Hopefully the PT-OT will be as positive.


Adjustment time for Dan will take a bit. Once he starts with the therapy I bet it will continue to improve. Remind him you are not taking him home with a lift. You have to be able to assist his transfers and ambulation only.


Such good news. Good week. Debbie

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I am so happy that you can visit Dan as often as you like. Close is a very good thing.

Yes good days and bad days are part of our life. I am glad that a good day happened. It is about time.


Take care of yourself.



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Pointing out his negativity, forcing him to think


about his complaining ---


Wow, good work Woman! You are a terrific caregiver!



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