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i was just wondeing if yopu have ever heard of this or have tried it



hi there well as you know i go to physiotherapy alot and while on my travels and work out in physiotherapy i have run into this great rehab for the fingers and the hands , and so i was wondering if you have ever run into them or heard of them it was develope by a doctor in california and what it is is it is magnetic and it is a ball two balls in fact with lots ofbumps on the balls any way because it is magnetic it will stick to one another and because of the bumpy texture it is very good for holding the balls and then when you pass the balls over the other balls tt imediatly sticks tothe other making it very easy to pick up both of the balls i love using them it is great for rehab and hwhowever invented stand to make alot of money of of them always searching for good rehab chck it out if you get the chance , i have found it to be a great hand and fingers exercize and rehab invention i hope that this blog is help full to you


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I had it a few years back Lenny, but like all other therapies I had, it works for a while, you keep doing it but the fingers and hand is still the same!


My conclusion is once the brain cells die that controls that part of the body that's it! Now, if you are young enough, there are chances your brain will or can rewire where other cells or routes of blood learn to take over for the dead cells, whereby you learn to work that part of the body. Otherwise, we will be like we are from the day of the stroke!


Think about it, the people who return to walking, talking and doing as before the stroke, wasn't hurt as much as those who don't return to pre stroke conditions! I know I lost many cells at 62, my chances of getting everything back was slim and slimmer as I get older!


I'm just happy I got back what I did and I've been in therapies for 7 years, even stayed in the hospital and therapy rehab 5 months before being released to go home still unable to walk. Later I learned to walk with a cane.


I wish you well and that you get back what you lost from the stroke, but if you don't get it all back, don't be surprised! :dribble:

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