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"Not going backwards at least"



[size="3"]Well, here we are still waiting for spring to arrive. We got a few inches of snow last weekend and may get more tomorrow. The poor tulip trees got it this time. I'm hoping I can get Larry to our Botanical Gardens this year to see the azaleas and other flowering trees in full bloom. We have one of the nicest botanical gardens around. I will have to push him in his wheelchair probably but that's okay as it is way too much walking. I took Larry to the vascular surgeon who checks on his carotid arteries every six months. Good news - the right artery remains the same, partially blocked. The left is completely blocked, so of course it is the same. Larry is so afraid to go and have the doctor say he needs surgery. He won't consider this until the blockage has changed. I called his rehab doctor today and they have scheduled him for another round of Botox. He doesn't like needles, and hates this, but I said you have to go as it may help you more this time. I said some folks cannot even get this treatment. He still struggles with dressing himself, especially with getting that leg into the other side of his pants. We use Lenny's technique but he still has trouble. I continue to encourage him even though it makes me just want to do it and get it over with. After all these trials, he should be able to do it. :uhm: I went to my internist for the routine checkup and showed her a place in the outer corner of my nose. She sent me to my dermatalogist who took a biopsy. The dermatologist said it was basal cell and is sending me to a surgeon to remove it. I have to have a consultation, then go back for the surgery. I don't have time for all these doctors! :tired: This time I am getting my son to stay with Larry when I go. The last time I went to the doctor I left Larry alone. He is okay with this but it took longer than I thought. I was able to call him on his cell. I usually don't leave him longer than 45 min. Today I worked with Larry in taking over the bill paying as he use to do this and did it well. I think he can handle it but I will watch for a few times to see if he can. My friend called today and I put the phone up to Larry's ear to talk to her. She asked how he was I guess and he said "well I'm not progressing but I'm not going backward either". She said "just look at where you were last year compared to where you are now". Good for her! He has progressed but not as much as he would like.





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I think that Larry will enjoy the botanical gardens. I love the azales and wild flowers here in Texas. I love tulip trees. We don't have them in Houston.

It is hard for our survivors to realize how far they have come. But, yes, they have progressed and will continue to progress with work and time.


Good for both of you.



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Julie: I also think that is Bruce's biggest frustration-just takes so long.


We have snow due on Friday. I am so tired of this. Every week is a jammed packed routine trying to fill in the days we are not going to be able to "do our thing."


Sorry about the skin problem, but I think your idea of getting a caregiver in is a wise one. Money is always an issue and I, for one, have to have a pretty good reason to have one in if I am not going to work. But maybe you could take another hour for yourself, if you have decided to have one in.


Good and safe week fellow snow traveller-Debbie

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