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My son is in the hospital



We had a fairly nice weekend with good weather. I took Larry to warehouse furniture store Friday and was grateful they had a WC at the entrance. We were looking for a chair that does not swivel so that he can sit and use his computer in our office. Both of our chairs swivel which is hard for him to get out of. Saturday we went for a drive, lunch take out and then church. Larry had a hard time getting up from the church bench to leave. I'm sensitive to his not standing during the service when we all do, but getting up and down is too hard. I hope others understand. Sunday morning my son called and said he had bright red blood in his stool and was going to the ER. He said he had this Friday also. He went and they admitted him saying it might be a bad case of colitis. They kept food and liquid away yesterday and today. Tomorrow morning they are giving him a colonoscopy even tho he had one 2 years ago. He is not happy. The doctor this morning also mentioned he might have Crohns disease. I hope they don't find anything too alarming. So, say a prayer for my son too. I keep on him to eat better and stay away from the diet soda, but it's like preaching to the choir. Maybe now he will change his habits. Like Debbie's sister, my son is one of my main helpers with Larry. I usually count on him to help me over the weekend. I am trying to get my blood pressure down (this thing with my son doesn't help). I have started to walk with a friend twice a week. We walk for about 45min. and I really felt it in my thighs the next day. It shows how out of shape I am.

:hot: (me after walking) Julie

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Julie: well it looks like "Mister, I don't like to go out" is changing his ways a bit. And good for him. I hope with the weather changing he continues to do it. With the standing in church, that will come with time and build up of his endurance. People are not judging him, honey. They know what he has suffered. Mostly they are probably in awe at his recovery and the fact that his faith is important to him. Let the small stuff slide.


I am truly sorry about your son. There are many causes of bleeding into stool and unfortunately full diagnostics must be run to determine the cause. He could have had a colonscopy last week and they still would have to repeat it. Best for him right now is rest and sleep. Once the cause is determined, you will all know where to go from there.


And how about you? What good news. First off, that you are taking time for yourself. This is something you feel you need to do just for you. And also the health benefits. My best friend walks 5 miles a day and says it is the most stress-clearing thing she does for herself. I am really impressed. Debbie

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