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Getting out and about



Well except for Friday morning, we had an eventful weekend. Larry woke up and said he wasn't up to going to exercise and didn't feel well. I used my authoratative voice and tried to change his mind but he wouldn't budge. :yadayada: Sometimes you just have to let go. He went back to bed for a while and later felt better. I hate it when he misses his workouts. Larry had agreed to go out for dinner with me Friday and started to protest. He saw how disappointed I was and caved in. We went to a place he agreed on called "Mimi's". He enjoyed his dinner and mostly because he saw how much I enjoyed mine. LOL I got him out walking a little in front of our house but he didn't last too long. I hope his stamina increases as he walks more! The pillow behind his back seems to help in the car with the leg cramps. I'm hoping he will be able to endure a road trip now and then. Time will tell. My son is doing better and the reports came back with a mild case of colitis and all upper GI normal. He has to watch his diet more now - no caffeine. I found out from his sister that he had still been smoking and now has given it up again. That probably contributes to his health problems. Larry and I went to see his new apartment today and brought lunch. I had offered to help unpack but he had everything unpacked and looking good with help from some friends. Larry is still dressing himself under protest. I gave him a thumbs up the other morning and he gave me a thumbs down. :thumbsd: I know it is hard, especially with the tone in his arm which seems to move back when he is trying to put it in the armhole. A lot of times I will just leave and when I come back, he is sitting there with his shirt on. I love it. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.




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Larry is a strong willed person. But he still has your feelings at heart. You two make a great team. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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Julie: I am so happy you both are getting out more. I know it takes some persuading, but it does you such a world of good. We don't feel so much a prisoner in our own homes.


Bruce too continued all week to work on the dressing. I stick with very loose, over the head cotton shirts. He does OK with his dress shirts, but has trouble getting them down in the back. It is tough watching them struggle and just of late, I too have to walk away. His eyes beg me to help and I can not look at him without my heart breaking, which is the exact wrong response.


We'll get there. Good week, Debbie

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You are so good. Dressing is hard for me ...I just do it for William. I am always in a hurry to go some where. I am glad that you got to go out. It is fun. We eat out all the time. I think that William hates my cooking.


That is Ok with me. Ever since the stroke we always eat out.



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