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We survived another round of bad weather



All night long we had TV coverage of storms and tornados threatening our area. We live in St. Louis County but there were reports of damage in both St. Louis City, County and in Illinois. When It came close to us, I got Larry down the basement. He did really well going down and coming back up. There were reports of 4" size hail in one area, tornados touching down in several municipalities and major damage at Lambert International Airport. The airport is shut down after windows were blown out and a roof blown off Concourse C. Some were injured by shattered glass from windows and 4 taken to hospitals but no deaths from anywhere in the area. I fee sorry for those poor people trying to get to their destinations over the Easter weekend and people having their homes blown away. Thanks to God we were lucky we are okay and so were all of our children.




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Julie, the extreme weather is very frightening, I am glad I am not in an area that gets violent storms. I am glad all your family are safe and will be mindful that others were not so lucky.



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Thank you for letting us know you and Larry were OK. My sister had the weather channel on and they were reporting on the airport and all I could think about was how you fared. So glad to hear all is well. Happy Easter to you both. Debbie

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