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I wonder, You wonder, and We wonder all the time



I don’t Know, I wonder, you wonder, we wonder...


I’m told we have, as humans, five senses we were born with. Now, when we survive a stroke, we are subject to lose one, two or even three of them! You agree? No! well, I wonder what happened to my sense of smell, my hearing, my eye sight, my feelings on my weak side or my taste abilities? Please correct me if I’m wrong in saying the senses I speak about are sight, smell, hear, taste and feel!


So, in having a stroke and survive doesn't mean we lose everything, but it sure does come close in my opinion. I may not have lost the senses entirely but partially in my opinion. I wonder if we think about that very much? Probably not! But you sure do feel differently not having those abilities we are so accustom to having them for many of our years before the stroke.


The other things we do are from learning how to crawl, walk, run and what our moms taught us early in childhood. Now we need a cane, a walker or even a wheel chair to continue our mobility from one point to another. I wonder if it gets old? I don’t know about you, but in my 7 years, I’m tired of having to use a cane or my scooter. I wonder if others feel that same way at least some of the time?

There are plenty other things we no longer can do as we once did before the stroke. They just don’t bother us as much as losing our senses or part of them. So then, are we considered to still have the five senses or just part of them? From a math standpoint, if we lose part of two of them, that would add up to one lost, I wonder if that’s true?


The next time you think about what you can’t do now like you once did, it’s probably half gone. If You got two of those, guess what? That’s like losing one of your senses I think? I wonder if that makes sense? Now, one day we may get all our loses back, we just don’t know when or how much we get back. It does make us wonder how long will we be waiting? Especially if we are over 60 years of age, cause by that time we are going downhill in life.


That is to say, we got more years behind us than we do in front of us at that age. I wonder why the generations now doesn't live as long as the generations did many, many years ago? I wonder if any of them suffered a stroke and if so, I wonder how many survived? It’s very hard for me to put my senses to work figuring out how many had strokes back then compared to 750,000 in the US today that are having strokes. Considering the populations today that figure has to increase soon. I wonder if the medical field will kept track with the proper medical attention and therapies to get people back on their feet much sooner in years to come?


Perhaps it does come down to what we are eating, what we do or don’t do daily that we should be doing. I wonder if today’s generations are any more healthier than people were years and years ago? There has to be an equation some place that explains all of this to me. The big question is: I wonder if I will live long enough to find out? In the meantime, I will continue to wonder, you wonder too, we all shall wonder for the hell of it! We could stumble upon a solution, who knows, but I do wonder! Does that make sense or senses! :big_grin: :rolleyes:


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i'm fortunate to have all my senses; however truly miss walking without some kind of additional help. i miss working in the dirt of my garden but very happy that i can see and get the chance to know my grandki but wish i could play on the floor with them. fred it sounds like you're having a bad day.thumbsd.gif i'm on the other side of 60 now and although most of my years are behind me; i think how my sister became a widow at 35 and how much he missed. don't know what the future holds and that's probably for the best.

i am very grateful for what i have.

often i have to mentally list the things and people i'm grateful for esp. my stroke network family. there are so many medical advancements, i truly think there will be solutions for our disabilitie but don't think i'll be a candidate so i choose to think positively and continue to make adjustments so i can do more and more. flowers are blooming and all is renewing. may we all start tomorrow blossoming and emerging from our cocoons cheer.gif and be grateful for the day. courage is mastery of fear not the abence of fear and i think survivors and caregivers are indeed a courageous lot.thumbsu.gifclap.gif fred keep your sense of humor and send those jokes dailyYou-Rock.gif

blessings lynn

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Hi Fred: Yes I wonder also, but I think you are analyzing too much like I have done in the almost 5 years since my stroke. I can smell, see, hear, touch, feel touch, smile (sometimes crooked), breath on my own, swallow slowly and talk. And a biggy is I have most of my memory. I wonder, tho, is my short-term memory loss due to stroke or getting older. I am tired of using a cane, walker and sometimes wheelchair. I'm tired of not being able to do what I want or go where I want when I want to. As you know it takes us at least 2x as long to do anything, like dressing. I miss phone calls on our house phone or a doorbell because I can't get there fast enough if my husband isn't home. I am grateful, however, of what I CAN do and I'm grateful God saved me. I'm still not sure why but I don't have to know. I love your posts, Fred, and I wonder and you wonder and we wonder a lot and will keep on wondering! I have a gratitude list and have to reflect back once in a while to the progress I have made from being in a comma paralyzed to being able to hobble around and work out with my trainer once a week. We are all in the same boat, just different sizes. I love everyone here and many blessings to our often unappreciated caregivers. Hugs, Leah

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