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Another Test



Another Test


I had to go and have a test

My doctor said it's for the best

We need to find out what's gone wrong

Why you can't walk and not fall down


So off I went to MRI

They checked my head to see inside

But then they told me wait and see

Just what the doctor will say to me


A week later I had another test

My doctors said this place is the best

We need to find out why your weak

Why your muscles play hide and seek


So off I went to EMG

They checked my nerves with electricity

Then they poked needles into my muscles

And my tears came down and I cried out UNCLE


A week later another test

We want to find out what is wrong

Because your speech is sounding slurred

And no one can understand all of your words


So off I went to EEG

Electrodes placed all over me

They made a video of my face

While flashing lights at blinding rates


A week later another test

A doctor who will not be like the rest

She gives me questions and school-type exams

To see if I can remember just who I am


Next week I have still another test

I wish these doctors would just give it a rest

I'm getting so tired of doctors and needles

I want to forget about the medical field


I want to spend my days as normal as I can

Gripe about the heat and get a suntan

I want to spent my time with my friends

Not wondering when another test will begin.


LBW 5/18/2005



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