Sandy Anderson


Hello Everyone,


I live on the West Coast of Canada and at age 43 (Dec 04) suffered a heart attack. I did not go to the hospital and six days later suffered a stroke from a blood clot in my Left Ventricle caused by the heart attack.


The night I had my stroke I remember waking up thinking that I was laying on the arm of a corpse which I then realized was my arm. I stumbled from bed to the end of the hallway meeting up with my boyfriend. I tried to talk and just babbling sounds came out.


At the Emerg they hooked me up to the machines and then panicked as it was showing the heart attack. The initial CT of my head did not show anything but the second CT the next day showed the infarct.


I started to be able to form small words about 8 hours after the onset of the stroke and with the help of my boyfriend and two best friends while I was still in Emerg some of my words came back but I still cannot pronounce words that I have not said since the stroke. I believe the early rehab trying to talk is the reason I can talk now.


I recieved a stent for my heart attack and at that point I was dx's with Fibromuscular dysplasia in multiple arterial beds. They believe FMD is a genetic disease and what it does is destroy the inside of the walls of the arteries. Most common problems are renal (kidney) and stroke from this disease - neither of which I hope occur.


I am always exhausted, my short term memory is gone and I still have cognitive, speech and writing problems. I have mobility but still have right-side numbness in hand and foot.


I love gardening, birds, cats and dogs. We have two cats and two dogs and I have suet cages and bird feeders on my back porch so I can watch all the different birds that come to feed.


I go to cardia rehab excercise class twice a week and to my own gym as often as possible.


Kind regards,



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Wow, heart attack then a stroke. You got 2 in 1.


I hope you are doing alot better.




ps: That's a large gong there. :big_grin: Bud has a smaller one and loves the cookies I put in there. :Clap-Hands:

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Hi Bill,


I would not be as good as I am without my boyfriend, his dog Punk (the one with the kong) and my little dog Gem. Between the two dogs I am never alone - they follow me from room to room and they love it when it is nap time.


Some mornings instead of giving them a treat after they have been outside I break up the treats and hide them around the living room and tell them to go look - tails wagging they run in sniffing and looking and totally love the hunt. If you have not tried it - do so - Bud will love it. :big_grin:



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