Stacie Green


Hello here is my story. I'm glad I found your organization with people my age! Does anyone have a similar situation? It's hard to find someone with a similar yet, devastating situation. Here is my story:



On July 29th, 1999 I remember having a bad headache. I saw a potential employer. He wanted me to work in his office a day a week. I told him I would consider it but I felt really weird today. We went looking for a gator and we came home and ate some KFC. I was told to lie down and sleep it off. I woke up late that night and wanted to sleep with my best friend Chris. She moved over and I told her I had a terrible headache.




I remember seeing my family doctor on July 30. I told him it was weird but my peripheral vision would go in and out. His nurse helped me with my recovery greatly and I will never forget that. He then sent me to the hospital for a CAT scan. Dave, my wonderful boyfriend, drove me. He is still with me. He says I changed and I probably did. I can no longer handle people yelling me or each other and stress. I do not like to be rushed for anything.




I remembered driving on Market Street, a fairly busy road where it's usually hard to find a parking spot, to see a neurologist. After he examined me, he said it was a new migraine. He gave me Immitrex and some samples to bring home. I figured I'd sleep it off. Well it turned out my vertebral artery dissected causing me to have a major stroke. I remember little bits and pieces of the Medical Center but not much. My Speech Therapist told me I would have amnesia and wouldn't remember a lot. I remember everything from my ride from the hospital in the ambulance to the Rehabilitation Center where I'd be for the next 3 months.




I came home the day before Thanksgiving on a peg tube, weighing only 99 pounds. I was very weak. My rehab doctor, talked with my insurance and said because of my young age, 24, at the time of discharge, it would be better for my mind if I could sleep at home and be an outpatient 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. My Therapeutic Recreation Therapist got me into swimming and that's when I really learned how to walk again. I think the water is great for anyone. I even advocated it before City Hall on my 25th birthday.




I feel the Rehab Center does wonders if you let them and yes I was tired but I would never give up. I remember going to rehab not being able to talk or walk. I still talk differently but if people take the time to hear they can understand. I can remember when I first swam it took all the energy I had to get out of the pool at our local YWCA and into the house. I'd be done for the night. Now it's just a part of my daily routine.




I am now 26 years old and everything I do is therapy. When I walk our 2 dogs, Hansley and Haley, that's therapy. I still go swimming, now at our local YMCA. I have a hard time keeping my weight up (I bet everyone wishes they had that problem). I walk on a balance beam Dave made me and do exercises to further improve my balance and gate. I like to emboss and do needlepoint and that also helps.



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