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This is my dog, Kita. She is an Akita that we rescued from Dallas about a yr. ago. She was found wandering beside the interstate with 2 puppies. Her puppies were taken to an Operation Kindness facility but the facility would not accept their mother sad.gif . We orriginaly called about getting one of her puppies. The center had had them for less than 24hrs. but wanted $200.00 a pop for each of them. We found that a little outrages and called the woman who had found them in the first place. She said she would just give us their mother if we would come and get her. It was the best decission we ever made about a pet. smile.gif Kita is the best dog I have ever had. I see her more as one of my children than an animal. wink.gif She stayed indoors with me until I had my stroke. But while I was in the hospital my mother-n-law put her outside. Now she sheds something awful and Lee won't let her back in the house. She seems to really like it ouside though. I sneak her in sometimes when It's just me and her here though. wink.gif

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