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My name is Amanda Horne. I

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Amanda: Thank you for telling your story. You are another miracle. I also had a brain stem stroke at 62 and was in a drug-induced coma for a month, had a trachea, feeding tube for two months total and went through in and out patient rehab. I know how hard it was for you to do what you did. I had to learn everything over also and today can be pretty much independent. I started my story but keep stopping - you have given me inspiration to JUST DO IT!! My stroke name is AZ_Leah. I go into afternoon chat on occasion and hope to see you there sometime. God has a plan for you, that's for sure!! Hugs from a fellow survivor, Leah

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Amanda,bless your heart,I know how difficult it is tryingto cope with the social aftermath of a stroke,somehow in rehab no one covers that aspect.I stroked 8 years ago,I was 43,probably sounds old enough to you but I was a young 43 with everything to look forward to.I too have recovered very well but still cope with the social aspects a stroke can leave you with,please feel free to read my story Laree Martz. I have always beev a very outgoing person until this and I found myself sticking close to home,not calling friends and generally lonely,my marriage was straigned as well.This was not the woman my husband married it was like a new person to learn how they worked,I felt like if I could master the walking,doing my hair and makeup then life would go on.I can say eight years later things are sooo much better,I sought counciling for my marriage and my stroke problems,I had to get off my but get out and try to make friends,we moved away from where we had lived and I had no friends,I am happy to say I put myself out there and met a girl that we just really like each other and we walk 4 miles 3 times a week.I know you won't give up but hang in there its not an easy or quick thing to recover from in every aspect of your life. My memory is terrible (short term) long term is remakable. Your story touched me,the best to you honey...and you got a friend in me....Laree

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Hi Amanda - I rarely get on here but for some reason I signed into my name today and read your story. It is very inspiring. I'm glad you came out of it like you did. I am also a stroke survivor- I had one at 37 years old ,I am now 41. I was pralyzed on my entire left side. After nearly 5 years I still have alot of tightness in my foot and hand. Its called Spasicity- I was in rehab for 4 weeks and in Physical Therapy for nearly 2 years. Although I still have alot of trouble most days from the Spasicity,I still am pretty active. I have 2 adorable grandsons 2 and a half and 9 months old. Like you I have memory problems ,awful mood swings and I too cry over the slightest thing. But all we can do is take it 1 day at a time. Continue the great success ~ huggs
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