Donnie Wise


it all started one june day in 1994 i got up to go to work an put on my clothes an left home for

work i got there early i was usually the first one there so i punched the security code when i went in an went to my desk everything seem normal an i was a estimator for a concrete forming



so later that day we got a call for me to come look at some blueprints so we could bid on the job so i got in the company truck an took off over there an on the way back i needed gas so i stopped an pumped some an went inside an paid an came back out an got in the the truck an my left arm felt numb but i didn't know what it was so i went back to the office an left a little while later to go home an my wife called the office looking for me an when she found out i had left for the day she came home too an ask me what was wrong an i told her i didn't know for sure so she took me to a urgent care an the nurse ask me to do some things an then she said something has definitely happen but she wasn't sure what it was so i stayed out of work for the next few days an then my boss called an gave my wife a reference to a nero surgeon an we went to see him one evening an i had a cat scan an they found i had a schemic stroke so on the way home we stopped at mcdonalds an got us a burger but i dropped mine from trying to hold it in my left hand so my wife gave me hers an i thanked her for doing that an then we went on home an i continued to work in the following months but i hopped on my left leg a little bit an people noticed it but i had to carry on but it finally got to me an i had to quit i sure hated to i loved my job a lot but i did an then i got on disability after about five years trying to now i help around the home doing the dishes an washing a load of towels i don't drive or work but after my stroke i went to water therapy, physical therapy an even had had injections of botox but nothing seem to be helping so they put a internal therapy pump in my belly that has helped a lot but i hope one day to be able to do without it i don't get out very much at all just to go to my, dentist, doctor an get my pump refilled it's hard for me to walk in shoes for some reason so i walk in my sock feet around the house an it's hard to walk up or down hills but i am going to keep working on it an one day i will be able to do all the things i want to at least it didn't kill me by the grace of GOD an i know GOD heals an cures his people an i am sure one day soon i will be healed an cured an i want have this stroke anymore i now just help around the house while my wife works i guess i am one of the lucky ones that didn't die from their stroke an they say what don't kill you only makes you stronger !


Donnie passed away April 24, 2010

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hi donnie, wow!what a story, but you did survive and you are stronger for that and now that you have survived now you will have to get busy in order to get even better, so you can eat that burger and not drop it and the return the favor tothe wife by giving your burger to your wife i enjoyed reading your story dommie and good luck on your recovery journey

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