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William Harris, 67 years old. Ischemic stroke, 12.13.08.

I a native Houstonian. I have survived a stroke. I was in the hospital for 2 months. Feb. 2009 I finally came home.

I have had rehab and am finally getting out of my wheelchair.

I only walk for short distances in the house with assistance.

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HELLO my name is little jo. chaerokee INDIAN .just say your name on here an thought i would say hello . I had a brain stroke .About Three years ago .Was paralysis all over right side and left side .But i work on it for a long time an i finally got my ligs to where i can walk again . Iwalk real slow but im walking normol again . I have trouble spelling words a lot . But im working on it now . I nevergive up im not a quiter im a survivor .



Sencerely Your Friend littlejo

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