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Don't say it's the sort of thing you would do?

Am going to do a better photo of it today. Can't understand why I didn't snap it when I first saw it in situ!


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Oh, Linnie, haven't we all that?  I would probably have gone into my manic laughing!  I seem to find everything so much funnier than everyone else does.  One of our friends on site helpfully informed me that this was called 'emotional liability'.  My hubby adds that I've ALWAYS been that! (the clown of the family) but do you know, it's not such a bad problem when I think of the alternatives.  It's our 58th wedding anniversary today so going to a more upmarket eatery this evening where I'll probably slop food down my bosom!   Cheers everyone!



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Thanks Linnie, though the hotel we were given a voucher for was ultra posh!  Our voucher didn't cover too much of it, Maybe we should have put it towards afternoon tea instead.   One small comfort, I didn't slop any food down me!  I really need advice on a problem though.   I DO get frustrated and then have angry outbursts and my poor hubby keeps urging me to control them.  I'm obviously rubbish at self-control and I KNOW, in my heart, I am rebelling against this new person I have become who is so reliant on others.  I have a bible class here once a month and we're a cheery group; they all think I'm funny but are going to pray for patience for me.  (I do too, but it hasn't worked so far!)  My manic laughter has also turned into tears a few times lately, which greatly worries me.  Am I just feeling sorry for myself or am I losing the plot?

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Thank you Linnie.   No, like you, I won't bother with medications as it doesn't exactly bother me to have outbursts of manic laughter, and my family just ignore me till it's done.  Post stroke, my laugh is deeper and my singing is like ominous thunder-rumbling!  In church, I try to sing real quiet, but then, I was never close to an operatic diva!  Also, I stammer and stutter some now.  I KNOW exactly what I want to say but can't think of the words.  When I do make a remark, it often comes out completely wrong and I wonder what made me say it!  But then, again, I did used to utter some bloopers!

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Barbara,   I  had to look at the date of your stroke before comparing it with my progress. Yours was only this year so you have quite a way to go as far as recovery is required. I'm not sure whether I had the same problems, difficulty finding the correct word to say was a handicap only for a short time for me. Saying the wrong thing, I don't know, but I havn't got many friends left so perhaps I was guilty.

My biggest problem is actual speech. I work hard at improving it but even after two and a half years I am nowhere as lucid as I would like to be. I can make myself understood to a sympathetic listener and that is excellent, but if I am tired or under pressure I am in trouble! I dare not get into arguments and when in a crowd even good conversation is very unsatisfactory.

Since I am a person who likes to talk and argue this is a condition I am not happy with.

What part of the UK are you from?


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