Gearing up for a great match this weekend!!!! Come on boys!!! #All Blacks #NZ

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selfie time

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Absolutely Paul! Sometimes I cringe when I see what the Aussies are wearing, in any sport!


My doctor is from SA. I always used to give him heaps about the Aussies lording it all over the springboks. Then they lifted their game...We have agreed to not mention it anymore!


J x

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Sorry Willis, this is rugby we are talking about. 


I don't follow the rugby really, but Aussie pride allows me to get excited about the international games.


If Australia is not playing then I go for the all blacks, which is the New Zealand team.


Springboks are from south Africa. 


J x

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Cool! Played here some but we don't see much of it. My daughter was a pretty good soccer player and played all 4 years in college. Before college she played soccer with some pretty tough gals and a few of them played rugby at a club level at their college. One of the gals was telling me about it and said one of the traditions of initiation was drinking a beer out of your rugby shoe! Wow! 

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