My husband had a stroke 8-12-2005. Found out he has hole in his heart (PFO). He was healthy active 46 year old pilot/guide/artist. Emergency room he was taken to was best in area - however they didn't administer TPA. Appears doctor he was assigned to has seen bad outcomes and prefer not to use it. Left side brain damage, right side affected. Total paralysis of right side. My husband had no loss of language skills only some mild memory loss and other cognitive issues. Rehab doctor and therapists suspect due to the fact he is left-handed his language skills must be in the right side of his brain - and they say this is rare. We feel fortunate he didn't loose his communication ability. He had intensive in-patient rehab and left the hospital on 9-13-05 walking short distances, very slowly with a cane. He is getting stronger every day - outpatient therapy three days a week. His right foot, ankle, and leg work - just still quite weak. Right hip still weak. He is trying to drive. Hand and fingers started to work just about the time he left the hospital. Can now make a fist and flex. With great effort has forearm, some tricep and bicep strength. Mostly lacking in shoulder and back strength which I think prevents him from getting function in his lower arm and hand. Lots of changes in our family - he used to do most of the cooking - thank goodness for peanut butter and jelly (just kidding)... Our motto is "gettin' a little better every day!"

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