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    My most memorable moment was 6 weeks in there I had gotten into a routine and knew the nurses and physiotherapists. Still with a wheel chair I knew they gathered ever morning at patient activity board describing therapies x-rays schedule and training. They were usually sipping on coffee reading their assigned patients and commenting. This one morning I was pushing the wheel chair. Not yet was their comment. Sit it. Joking and laughing at my enthusiasm. Then for some reason with all of them looking at the board I said whats that. Several said what are you talking about. I said un
  2. I had posted this in 2018. Removed everything on here back in February 2021. A fellow stroke survivor had posted this first. So I copied my adventure from his site. He has since passed. Was encouragement I needed.
  3. My Tenting Adventure - 2017 Summer For your amusement...a fellow stroke survivor's first attempt at tent camping, posted here with his permission. Now you see why I have a tiny trailer, basically a bed in a box. This was NOT ME. Name withheld to protect the funny frustrated one: Well I did it 3 years and slept in a tent. All I can say is what an ordeal. I'll post photos on main site. Not really roughing it. Air mattress and power cord port in new tent. Getting down no problem. Getting into sleeping bag easy the first time as had help. But Mother Nature thought I was
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