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welcome to best online stroke support group, I am sorry you had need to find us but now you found us you will never feel alone again. being young stroke survivor has its benefits, you can rebuild your new normal to your  contentment.




now that you found us you will never feel alone or different. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved, for me more than stroke retiring from job was big blow to me, I never knew how much of my identity was wrapped in the work I did & money I made, suddenly I felt worthless, luckily having supportive spouse & young kid who was just 7 at the time  & my family, friends & this site, I found my joy back, today after 19 years on this post stroke journey, i realize my life is just different  not good or bad its just different.


I struggled hard to find my new normal after stroke  & even after having supportive spouse  & family, I still felt very lonely & isolated, finding this support group was god-sent to me & it helped me  feel not so alone or weird.



I found blogging on this site & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul . we do have scheduled chats every day in the afternoon from 3-4 EST in stroke support room #2 & in the evening from 8-9 PM EST on M,W & F. hope to see you there soon.


our actions creates our destiny, come & meet every one in the chatroom & blog world you will feel less alone & feel find inspiration fom others




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