HELLO to my stroke survivor friends!

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My name is SassyBetsy because I love Betsy Johnson fashion designs except creepy skulls,especially my obsession with purses. I was on this message board ,chats blogs constantly and it saved my life. I have been away. I do not know why.part oof the reason is my phone is what I use instead of my tablet..because the charging cords are different. I started gaming. I had stents put in my heart many times...I ha b e 12 now. They said I would not survive a bypass. I had edema probs,kidney probs,and right now I am fighting to relearn to walk again even tho my pain meds are reduced by half and the CPSin my right leg is daily average 8 on the pain scale. I have made friends with pain. I fought to have therapy three times per week, but  I get out of bed daily, stand, walk a bit. I want to walk again.

I had covid that sent me to the hospital then the following year despite vaccination I got omnicron Covid and back to the hospital. I got the humaneumovirus after that.  The worse thing about it is my CPS in the hospital because staff does not understand it and the pain clinic does not come over unless the doctor invites a consult. 


Next May 2024 is my 10 year anniversary. I lie awake wondering if I will make it.


I still live in a SNF. 


Here comes the hard part to write.

I have not seen my daughter who is 29 for 5 years. No fight. She had dropped out of my life for 3 years before that. She had to move because of love,kept in touch, but what do the kids say now GHOSTED me. I am never on social media. My son is my heart.  We text daily. Sometimes I say I need to hear your voice or see your face. So he calls! He does not have a relationship with his sister. I AM IN THE DARK. 

I cry for her but never tell my son. I did once and he said she was doing fine on social media and that was better. I know she took gifts I sent and led me to believe I was a good mother and but she is angry I have a relationship with my son. She blames me for why he won't talk to her. He won't talk about it.


I have not visited with h I'm in the car since I have oxygen. He won't drive with a tank. I have been trying to get a portable one.



Alot of staff here are like my family. But I cry for my babies. I miss my mom.


I suffer from vision changes.

I bought new glasses got them in June but in July my prescription changed Alot so I kept my new frames but changing lenses. I can't see out of these old ones. They]bounce a bit,light sensitive. People think I whine when I asked them to take a bulb out of our bathroom. It blinding. They painted white around,put up florescent lights all over



Well thank you for listening.

I will take some to meet some of you and say hello to old friends.

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You're so welcome back Sassy. I have stayed on here because of what a blessing Strokenet was to me when I looked after Ray. Our numbers are low now but hopefully that will change if we can find someone to approve newcomers. Keep battling on, life is still good.


We all have family problems with busy kids and grandkids growing up and in some cases moving away from us. I have my three scattered now and apart from Trevor who brings his daughter Alice here for part of her school holidays don't have a lot of contact. So we have to be content with what we have I guess.

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Yes we do indeed have to be content with t he blessings we have.


Thanks for the welcome back. When I got lonely I knew where to come running home. 


It was a shock to hear about Steve. God bless him for this website.

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Pam? Is that you?

Hello, my lovely friend!

Your life has certainly had it's ups and downs. 

So glad you are back, so we can support you.


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