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One of the problems left to me by the stroke is stiffness of both legs. This makes walking difficult and tiring. I am doing a whole lot of things to improve them but would like to know if anyone has a better solution.

I walk, daily if possible, about 1K or more if feeling good and the weather is kind.

Floor exercises daily which include holding legs in the air unsupported and slow waving back and forth.

When on computer first thing, I have my feet on a REVITIVE plate which sends mild shocks through my feet. this is for 30mins at maximum setting.

Plus I have calf massager on each leg at maximum setting for set time. I use this daily when on the forum chat so I'm not wasting time.!

When dozing on my bed after lunch I have my legs on pillows to raise them up about 6inches.

When using the computer I have a platform under my feet to lift my legs to reduce the seat pressure on my upper legs.


If I fail to do any of these things it is apparent next time I walk. Obviously I am not doing enough so am eagerly awaiting any good ideas.


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Yin Yoga stretching and Pilates core exercises should help too. But it sounds like you’re already doing the right things. Keep your fluids up and maybe look into an infra red recovery sauna?


I’m often quite stiff in the legs and lower back, because I do quite a lot of therapy still. Recovery days help, as does my regular tune up manipulation massage session with the Physio.



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I am stiff today as I had a fall yesterday outside my local fruit and veg shop. I was carrying a box, not sensible at my age and misstepped. Just a reminder I have some mobility problems because of the melanoma op behind my left knee and my age. Hope you are all feeling well today and enjoying life.

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That was tough for you and most uncomfortable.  Trust nothing serious happened because of the fall. I have been fortunate that all the stumbles I've had I recovered quickly enough to not lose my balance and fall.

I do floor exercises daily and getting back on my feet is not pretty to watch. So, when it was needed that I went down to ground in my den to do a wiring job full of confidence that I could regain my feet afterwards. My confidence was ill-founded as I found there was not enough room for me to turn to get my legs into the right position. I ended up slithering along the ground till I could get through the door into the sitting room. There at last was the amount of room needed to execute my three point balancing system. All this took the best part of an hour to do and I am fortunate that nobody videod me!


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I had my first serious fall on Jan 5th. I’ve had plenty of stumbles and few over balances in the years since my stroke. Mostly I tuck in time and don’t do major damage except to my dignity. This time it was a Friday night and I must have been tireder than I realised, as I did the right foot pivot turn in my toilet door and didn’t land the bad foot cleanly. I staggered backwards and lost my balance landing on the laundry floor after sliding down a cupboard door. Everything hurt. I did the usual lie there snd don’t try to move until you do the mental body part inventory, then I did another curl to get away from the glass back door and sort of rolled over enough to get my feet under and pull myself up using the laundry bench. Shook myself and went to bed. Woke up the next morning with major chest pain and unable to roll over. Swore at myself. Lay there for a while dozed a bit then called the cavalry (Dad came over, by which time I’d managed to pull some clothes on, and took me to the local emergency department.  
Verdict was no broken bones, just bruises and strained muscles. I’ve had bruises like this or worse from other falls but they are nuisance value only, and while spectacular in colour otherwise pretty harmless.  Having strained muscles and ligaments around my ribs was a new one for me though and that hurt, and I was still in pain 3 weeks later, which was bad enough to stop me exercising..

l’m fully tecovered now, but that one scared me.

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