Great Weather



This week is one of those gaps in the weather pattern. Usually spring is windy by mid mornings so we have to ride very early while its still chilly. This week however we have had lovely sunny mornings with no wind so been riding a little later. My left leg is still a little weak but its finally strong enough to posh him side ways so I've actually got back to the traing I was doing just before my stoke, the half pass. Done correctly the horse moves both forward and side ways, crossing his legs over at the front and back with his head turned in the direction he's going. He s far from perfect at the moment but he's getting the idea. My movement in the saddle is improving but giving me a few stiff muscles as it seems i'm using them in a new way.

I've also noticed an improvement in balance, especially when i step out the bath tub. What was a transfer of weight I used to rush to get both feet on the ground is now done at a more leisurely pace. So it nice to keep improving even if slowly,

The traing moves take a goodly amount of effort so Deb and I have been indulging in a tea break most morning, just enjoying the garden, and regaining energy before doing the treadmill.

large.DSCN5411.JPG.277bf431b3f28cd26489e2127970f1bc.JPGWe keep the place a little wild with lots of local wild flowers to encourage pollinators.

Arizona is having a massive increase in Corvid19 so we are still isolating.

That's it for this week! Kev


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Great post again Kevin.  Have to ask what kind of bird is that? Your gardens look good too.  Is the windmill functional or decorative?  

So nice to hear when a member gets back to doing where they once were.  Such as you described in training.  Slow process but always achievable.  Doubt its exactly the same.  

Weather here to me is great. Other's doth complain.  I've been living on the back deck.  Not made it into pool this year as tire myself out and can't climb. Cross fingers for a new pool in 2021.


Keep on keeping on.


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I think this it the Northern Mocking bird but far from sure. There's a par nesting in the tree i just shot that as we were sitting having tea outside.

The windmill is purely decorative. We have an electric well which is powered by solar, a bit more modern 🙂


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Kev, nice to see an Aussie style wind powered water pumping windmill in your photo. Does it make a scraping noise like the ones out west of here? Love the rustic look of your garden.

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Have to admit that's just a decorative windmill , it does squeak a little. Our actual pump is electric solar.

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