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Well I rejected the entire seperation agreement on Friday morning. My lawyer has advised me to go in a window of the house and change the locks since it is sitting empty. So that is in the wind, except my body won't be doing any breaking and entering.... that is easier said then done. I can't figure out a way with one functioning arm to climb in a window, let alone be ablle to open the old fashioned windows that are on the house. I need to know a few burgalars to give me some how to tips. Or better yet do it for me.


I woke up with a spider bite on my hand the other morning, it is on my good hand.I had some slight reactions to the bite, but it seems to be doing ok now, we bombed the apartment with some bug killer stuff yesterday. Spiders are not a bug I can peacefully co-exist with. They have to go if I'm there. We also had all that rain and suddenly my kitchen became alive with the colony of ants. So this morning, the ants seem to have taken off and I haven't seen a live spider. Now I just need to get rid of the bug spray smell.

It also seems that the relatives of the snmake we killed last year have decided that the area/patio outside my door is the spot to hang out. They are in the bvushes and trees outside my door, I heard moth balls make them go away. I'll try it as they are nasty little attacking things.

Petey is still fascinated by the two deer that come graze in the yard. He gets so pumped up chasing them away.It seems to work for them both, Petey gets his ego stroked and the deer make it a game stepping very slowly into the yard, it doesn't make them stay away though.


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Is there any excuse you can think of to get your ex to let you back in for a few minutes? If you can, try cracking a window or something when he is not looking. Then come back later and just push it up.


Wow, I am spending way too much time figuring out how to break into your home.



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Pam can you get a lock smith to open the door. I'd hate to see you in the pokey for breaking and entering.. or destruction of property.

i can't believe an attorney would tell you to break in...


I found some stuff by Ortho that you sprinkle around the outside of your house, it is supposed to keep ants and other crawly things outside.


I have sprinkled epsom salts around my baseboards on the outside walls and that has helped.


I agree spiders can leave peacefully.. as long as they stay outside.. the inside is mine..


What kind of snakes??? sounds like they found a nice warm spot to sun themselves.



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since there is no separation agreement, and you are not legally separated, that property is still as much yours as your dick soon-to-be-ex-husband's. therefore, you are not breaking into your property, he is locking you out. you just need to break the lock and put on your own lock, and if going in through a window, calling a locksmith, and changing the locks is the easiest way to do it, then your attorney has given you good advice. possession is nine-tenths of the law. find a way to get through that window.



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Pam - I would stay within the guidelines of the law, and as you have ownership to the home, if you want, have your lawyer contact him [the ex] and set up a time for you to go in [no sneaking around], it'll be physically easier

A writ can be drafted


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June-if the dick ex opposes it, no writ will be signed, and Pam can't fight a long Court battle. there are also her two minor children to be thought of. from the days when i used to be involved as an independent expert in custody matters, as well as being board certified in forensic psychiatry, knowing many practicng matrimonial attorneys, and being married to my own dick of an ex who also happened to be an attorney, things are way more complicated than following the simplistic mantra "no sneaking around." practicing law involves the art of sneaking around legally all the time.



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Sandy - You are 100% right - having kids changes the complexity of it all - so guess best thing to do is to "sneak" around, but legally -

June :beer:

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