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  1. Happy Anniversary moonrocket!

  2. Happy Anniversary moonrocket!

  3. Happy Birthday moonrocket!

  4. moonrocket

    I just reread the comments now. I'm so sorry this is so belated. I want to thank you for your comforting words. It mean so much to me.
  5. Happy Birthday moonrocket!

  6. moonrocket

    Fall 2011

  7. moonrocket

    Halloween 2011

    I was going to be a gypsy vampire. When I put on that red scarf on my head, I realized that I really looked like "The Pirates Of Carribean" Captain Jack Sparrow, so I pulled my patch out and it finished that look. Loved the costume. I went to the Halloween party at a local restaurant bar.
  8. has new Halloween pics in her gallery!

  9. moonrocket

    There was this commercial that played for about a year after my brain lesion/strokes that infuriated me. It talked about "time lost is brain death." I did everything right. I called 911 and had an ambulance take me to the hospital. Nothing showed up on the CT scan. It was a week later when the lesion showed up on the MRI scans. It was an inflammation. The two tiny strokes that could be just scarring didn't show up until almost a year later after the lesion shrank. Strokes don't typically hide themselves on the MRI scans. I am fortunate that I recovered all of my bodily functions. I s
  10. I've noticed that direct sunlight makes me blind. I cannot see a frekking thing, except the light when the sun is in front of me. It makes lipreading impossible, since I can't see the person. The sun's light overpowers everything. Wearing a cap along with the sunlight helps, even though I will end up with hat-hair.
  11. Hi Donia: Your story shows a lot of courage and persistence. I had my stroke at age 69 with right sided weakness the result. My deficits have proved a huge challenge; in fact stroke completely changed my life. The only choice is to move forward day by day. I have made progress, and I'm grateful for that. Keep sharing, because your experience helps others. Henry

  12. moonrocket

    My Photo Journeys

    I make an incentive to go out and walk by finding something to take pictures of.
  13. Happy Anniversary moonrocket!

  14. moonrocket

    Beating Myself Up

    For not being able to afford to have my 17-year old cat diagnosed and possibly treated. Instead, I had to put her down. I feel like I'm a murderer because what if it was something she could have recovered from. Yet, since we couldn't afford the specialized vet care, I couldn't stand to let her suffer. I cannot stop crying and mutilating my mind over it.