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  1. Happy Anniversary fwt!

  2. Happy Birthday fwt!

  3. Happy Anniversary fwt!

  4. Happy Birthday fwt!

  5. Happy Birthday fwt!

  6. Happy Birthday fwt!

  7. I sure know what you are going through i could not raise my left arm without having severe pain I thought somehow that I had a torn muscle in the shoulder I had a good O.T who was able to get me through it she put a muscle cream called Biofreeze on the shoulder along with a warm towel before every therapy session with a lot of stretching exercises I was finally able to get through it for pain I used tylenol with codeine since you use tylenol you might also see if you could use Norco it is a little stronger just
  8. I too am glad that no one was hurt in the accident angels were watching over the situation I agree with you Fred if we give all of our cares to God he is more than able to meet our every need all he asks of us is to have faith and trust in him. God Bless you all I am Bill.
  9. Amen to what Fred said my faith in God is where my strength comes from to keep working at recovery BillTalbot
  10. i had a massive right side cva from a blood clot the doctors originally called it a cryptogenic stroke which is a stroke of unknown origin i am seeing a neurologist who suspected that given my age at the time of the stroke 59yrs and non smoker no high blood presssure or high colesterol he had me tested for a PFO Patent Forman this is a hole in the heart that everyone is born with in most people the hole closes in on it's own i underwent a bubble test where air is put into the blood in the heart if the bubbles s
  11. my name is Bill I had a stroke in June of 2011 I prayed when I had my stroke that God would not let me die and even though the doctors said that it was a miracle that I didn't die the stroke was so massive I should be severally disabled with a lot of therapy I regained use of my left hand and left leg and can walk without any assistance i said all of ttell you how much God loves all of us I will be praying that the right guy will come into your life I hope you get out of the hospital soon I was 6 weeks in the hospital an 4 months in health care facilities nursing homes etc. for reh
  12. congratulations I have gone the same path I am still working on getting my left leg stronger I can walk without any cane but still deal with high tone that affects my gait with determination and hard work you will get there I m B ill
  13. fwt

    move --- the M word

    all I can say is I agree100% hat you need to trust in God he will provide all your needs my stroke was so massive I know i would have died if it wasn't for all the prayers that were said for me I am Bill don't ever lose faith
  14. i had a massive right side cva stroke doctors could not give me a reason why I got a blood clot that moved into my brain I was pu t on blood pressure medicine for a while which made me tired all the time i would wake up in the morning si t in my recliner and want to fall back to sleep once I got off the medicine it got better but I would still tire easily I was told that the brain healing will take process will take a long time and i need to take naps to rest my brain when it is tired my whole body shuts down and I use to get depressed and I was put