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  1. Jayallen

    Ed, This group has saved me time and time again. My day never to forget is 11-12-13 As I see it life is moving along, sure rocky at times but doable. Then out of the blue you're hit with a stroke, knocked down like never before struggling to get to your knees . Alright progress, I made it to my knees, then comes a kick to face. be stronger, We all find our way to cope. I write poetry. share all your victories, no matter how small others my think they are, we love to celebrate victiries all club members. be well, peace Jay
  2. I've been missing for awhile, well I'm back. I doing well I hope all is well with everyone. Last Tuesday 11-12-19, I marked another milestone. I am six (^) years post stroke. I set aside time for solo contemplation. Not thinking of my losses, but my accomplishments, I am amazed. This group helped me so much over the years, I decided I needed to reconnect and see how everyone is doing.
  3. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing, your words are always inspiring
  4. 5 years ago, today. My life. my world changed in the blink of an eye. With an aneurism (intra cranial hemorrhagic stroke, a brain bleed) and mild stroke. It took awhile but I joined the network. The connection made have helped me so much, offering hope, inspiration and comfort during challenging times. It is wonderful to share hopes dreams and concerns with others who truly “get it”. Thank you, we need to look after each other as we continue our individual journeys. Be well, stay strong, Jay Allen
  5. Jayallen

    Once again being tough is a benefit. Glad it went well. Praying for continued success. Jay
  6. Jayallen

    Anothre milestone

    November 1, only a few days until I mark my 5th anniversary of my stroke. Hard to believe it's been five years. I am staying vigilant to recognize and fight off the triggers that surface this time of year my stroke date is 11-12-13. With all the memories issues I have why can't I forget that date? lol be well god bless Jay Allen
  7. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing. All of us deserve to be happy. When life tries to get ne down, I think of how far I have come and remind myself better times are sure to come my way. we must have faith and hope of course. Jay
  8. Jayallen

    Asha, I love the Hero's Journey. since my stroke, I do live intentionally in the Now. Seeking and appreciating all the wonders of daily life. Jay
  9. Jayallen

    My laugh for the day

    I have been using the bus for about 4 years now. There are a few places I go on a regular basis, I know generally when the bus should pass by. Yesterday was very warm, okay hot by Michigan standards (90+ degrees F 35 degrees C. I usually go to the bus stop about 5 minutes before I expect to see the bus. Yesterday was the same routine. I was hanging back in the shade. I was day dreaming about getting home taking a cool shower and just relaxing. looked up as the bus passed by, at the estimated time I thought it would go by. Darn it, right on time. Of course, I had a good laugh at my expense. Given the choice of laughing or getting mad about the situation I put myself in. I chose laughter. Who could I blame? Only myself. My day dream added 45 minutes to my trip home. The best part of the delay, one of the bus drivers was playing real old Motown. Early Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, just to name a few. I had to go south to go north. Many do not understand, It is my reality and I don’t have an issue with it. Remember, Without Laughter, there would be tears or anger, Laughing is much more fun. ;) Peace, Jay
  10. Jayallen

    Thank you, Yvonne. My poems are written for all of us . My speech therapist said she was " happy that I could capture the raw emotions of stroke survival" I think she likes me. 😂
  11. Jayallen

    Asha. As parents wealways try to protect our children we want them to learn from our mistakes but we need to allow them to stumble now and then and learn from their own mistakes it's called the School of Hard Knocks also I think God gives his children just to give his gray hairlol.
  12. Jayallen

    having fun

    Those of you who have enjoyed my poems in the monthly newsletter Stroke net. Will be happy to know I have compiled a book of several poems. You know me as Jay Allen, a pen name I created while at University. I was under the impression, I had to use my legal name for publication purposes. My legally given name is John A. Yurgens. Please take the opportunity to check it out. The book is called "Survival: Life after a stroke. Poems of my journey." I am almost done with another book "The journey continues" I hope to have a late June or early July release date, I will keep everyone informed. Be well stay strong. Peace,Jay
  13. Jayallen

    Insurance companies, care only about the money they can make. Forget the patient. after my discharge from inpatient rehab. I was continuing with out patient therapy. After 3 months the insurance decided I was cured and needed no m ore therapy. In direct conflict with my therapists, OTPT & speech. what do they know? be strong, this craziness needs to end sometime. I just hope we are here to witness it. thoughts and prayers, Jay
  14. Jayallen

    The Art of Walking

    Many, outside of our world, will not understand. That’s why I write this for you. Or US. How many 56-year old people need to think about walking? Just another “Step” on the journey of my the new normal. I can’t do all the thing now that I did before the stroke. Before, I walked without thinking about the mechanics involved And I always had a long stride. Recently, I’ve realized with my old long stride I tend to limp Causing more pain in my other hip. I need to discuss with my physical therapist. No need to create more issues, doing something wrong. I have an idea, but won’t try until I get the okay from my therapist Always leave the bigger decisions to the professionals. Simply looking for that inner balance Of eliminating pain, avoiding other problems. And maybe Look a bit more Normal, as I was around town. Thanks for allowing me to spew. I can’t think of anyone my age spending 30 minutes thinking about walking. Lol I know you get it. Be well, God Bless. Jay
  15. Jayallen

    Congratulations 4 yrs. Happy anniversary Acceptong, coping and building Sounds like a gpod plan. Don't get discouraged if you stumble Just regroup and get bsck on trsck Best wishes, Jay