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  1. Jayallen

    So we'll said. I tell survived when I volunteer at the hospital back to it when I can. It won't be fast not easy, but there will be improvements. In due time. Keep Fighting.
  2. Jayallen

    Hi Carlton, I'm Jay welcome to the group. Sorry you had a stroke, You don't need to apologize about your computer skills or anything else. This is the most nonjudgmental group you will ever encounter. Visit often, questions are welcome, no medical advice, given here other than talk to your doctor. We are each on our own Journey. Share your victories, no matter how small they may seem. Those small victories grow into big ones. We love to celebrate victories, My stroke was 6.5 years ago. I always return here when I need a boost. Be well stay strong, Jay
  3. Jayallen

    So true, like when I decided my vision was too poor to drive. It was my decision, nobody told me I couldn't. I'm getting accustomed to being a home body. Of course, my stroke resulted in cognitive impairment that precludes me from making sound executive function decision, like sequencing and planning ahead. I'm unprepared but working toward the goal of acceptance, of the things as they are at least for now. be well stay strong Jay Allen
  4. Jayallen

    Susan, at times I need to remind myself of the things I told. and will tell again, survivors I met/ meet through my volunteering. We have made it this far, we are fighters, it's a different fight than before. This Covid 19 virus has turned life upside down. We managed to right the ship after our stroke. We can and will do so again. I don't like feeling unable to control anything right now. I know this too shall pass. Back blogging feels like home, the comforting words of others helps so much. Jay Allen
  5. Jayallen

    I can intellectualize why I should stay put. but being unable to talk to people is a challenge. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours. stay strong Jay Allen
  6. Jayallen


    With this pandemic, I'm doing my part, I'm staying home. I can no longer volunteer at the hospital, the local gyms are closed and the public libraries closed, all, until further notice. I miss being out socializing with others. I really miss volunteering. I miss my post stroke "new normal". I guess I need to create another "new Normal, with new daily and weekly routines. I managed after my stroke in comparison this is a minor inconvenience. I can still share with all of you. be well stay strong. Jay Allen
  7. Jayallen

    I agree, but there must be other contributing factors
  8. Jayallen

    I've been away quite awhile. I miss everyone. Sorry to hear about your heart attack, I hope you are on the mend back to "normal" what ever that is. I'm sure there was absolutely nothing humorous about this incident but your comment about the lack of a step stool, I noted a hint of levity. Stay strong Jay Allen
  9. Jayallen

    Thank you for sharing, It took me awhile to realize it too. be well my friend
  10. A sence of humor is important. There are time I fell if I didn't laugh I'd cry. Laughing is much more fun. Of course I usually lahgg at myself.sometimes I almost sir on people on the bus visual deficit. Most laugh at me.
  11. Jayallen

    I'm sorry you had a stroke. You have earned the right to moan and complain, best to do it here, we get it. Those outside of our world as stroke survivors, will not and can't truly understand, Unless they go through it themselves. best to communicate with us. My stroke was Nov. 12, 2013 (yes 11-12-13) Jay Allen 0
  12. Jayallen

    happy Dance

    Every year I have a CT with contrast, It was scheduled the day after 2019, on 01-02-20, I received a call from my neurosurgeon's office, I got a clean bill of health, the only recommendation is a follow up CT in one year
  13. Sorry I have been consumed with writing a few different books, helping 3 other prepare their book for publication, all non stroke survivors, one has a book on Amazon right now, I'm so glad I am here and able to help others. I had brain surgery and was in a coma for a month. Some stories have been shard with me, for example; my wife told me while in ICU they planned to take me off the ventilator. I would be unable to talk. The first thing I said was cover me up I'm cold. She re[lied "don't think you're going to boss me around, now. I said, I learned that lesson years ago. The nurses burst out laughing. My wife told me, much later, that smart comment told her I was still in there and I was going to be Okay. I too didn't lose the ability to speak, although some may wish I would have, just joking. I know a few survivors that lost the ability to speak, but with a lot of hard work and good speech pathologist, both have regained the ability to speak. I joke with one man, that he's making up for lost time we can't get him to stop talking now. It's a long journey, everyone is different. It won't be fast or easy, as you well know, but the improvements are still possible. I'm six years post stroke and I am still seeing improvements. Most people can't notice , most are cognitive Best wishes to you and your son. Peace and love, I'll keep you in my prayers. Jay Allen
  14. I've been missing for awhile, well I'm back. I doing well I hope all is well with everyone. Last Tuesday 11-12-19, I marked another milestone. I am six (^) years post stroke. I set aside time for solo contemplation. Not thinking of my losses, but my accomplishments, I am amazed. This group helped me so much over the years, I decided I needed to reconnect and see how everyone is doing.
  15. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing, your words are always inspiring
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