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  1. Jayallen

    So true, like when I decided my vision was too poor to drive. It was my decision, nobody told me I couldn't. I'm getting accustomed to being a home body. Of course, my stroke resulted in cognitive impairment that precludes me from making sound executive function decision, like sequencing and planning ahead. I'm unprepared but working toward the goal of acceptance, of the things as they are at least for now. be well stay strong Jay Allen
  2. Jayallen

    Susan, at times I need to remind myself of the things I told. and will tell again, survivors I met/ meet through my volunteering. We have made it this far, we are fighters, it's a different fight than before. This Covid 19 virus has turned life upside down. We managed to right the ship after our stroke. We can and will do so again. I don't like feeling unable to control anything right now. I know this too shall pass. Back blogging feels like home, the comforting words of others helps so much. Jay Allen
  3. Jayallen

    I can intellectualize why I should stay put. but being unable to talk to people is a challenge. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours. stay strong Jay Allen
  4. Jayallen


    With this pandemic, I'm doing my part, I'm staying home. I can no longer volunteer at the hospital, the local gyms are closed and the public libraries closed, all, until further notice. I miss being out socializing with others. I really miss volunteering. I miss my post stroke "new normal". I guess I need to create another "new Normal, with new daily and weekly routines. I managed after my stroke in comparison this is a minor inconvenience. I can still share with all of you. be well stay strong. Jay Allen
  5. Jayallen

    I agree, but there must be other contributing factors
  6. Jayallen

    I've been away quite awhile. I miss everyone. Sorry to hear about your heart attack, I hope you are on the mend back to "normal" what ever that is. I'm sure there was absolutely nothing humorous about this incident but your comment about the lack of a step stool, I noted a hint of levity. Stay strong Jay Allen
  7. Jayallen

    Thank you for sharing, It took me awhile to realize it too. be well my friend
  8. Jayallen

    happy Dance

    Every year I have a CT with contrast, It was scheduled the day after 2019, on 01-02-20, I received a call from my neurosurgeon's office, I got a clean bill of health, the only recommendation is a follow up CT in one year
  9. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing, your words are always inspiring
  10. 5 years ago, today. My life. my world changed in the blink of an eye. With an aneurism (intra cranial hemorrhagic stroke, a brain bleed) and mild stroke. It took awhile but I joined the network. The connection made have helped me so much, offering hope, inspiration and comfort during challenging times. It is wonderful to share hopes dreams and concerns with others who truly “get it”. Thank you, we need to look after each other as we continue our individual journeys. Be well, stay strong, Jay Allen
  11. Jayallen

    Once again being tough is a benefit. Glad it went well. Praying for continued success. Jay
  12. Jayallen

    Anothre milestone

    November 1, only a few days until I mark my 5th anniversary of my stroke. Hard to believe it's been five years. I am staying vigilant to recognize and fight off the triggers that surface this time of year my stroke date is 11-12-13. With all the memories issues I have why can't I forget that date? lol be well god bless Jay Allen
  13. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing. All of us deserve to be happy. When life tries to get ne down, I think of how far I have come and remind myself better times are sure to come my way. we must have faith and hope of course. Jay
  14. Jayallen

    Asha, I love the Hero's Journey. since my stroke, I do live intentionally in the Now. Seeking and appreciating all the wonders of daily life. Jay
  15. Jayallen

    My laugh for the day

    I have been using the bus for about 4 years now. There are a few places I go on a regular basis, I know generally when the bus should pass by. Yesterday was very warm, okay hot by Michigan standards (90+ degrees F 35 degrees C. I usually go to the bus stop about 5 minutes before I expect to see the bus. Yesterday was the same routine. I was hanging back in the shade. I was day dreaming about getting home taking a cool shower and just relaxing. looked up as the bus passed by, at the estimated time I thought it would go by. Darn it, right on time. Of course, I had a good laugh at m