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  1. Jayallen

    I must agree, ask your neurologist both questions is it necessary? and what is he looking for?
  2. 5 years ago, today. My life. my world changed in the blink of an eye. With an aneurism (intra cranial hemorrhagic stroke, a brain bleed) and mild stroke. It took awhile but I joined the network. The connection made have helped me so much, offering hope, inspiration and comfort during challenging times. It is wonderful to share hopes dreams and concerns with others who truly “get it”. Thank you, we need to look after each other as we continue our individual journeys. Be well, stay strong, Jay Allen
  3. Jayallen

    Hi Mark, welcome to the exclusive club nobody wants to join Glad your stroke was mild. The way I look at it is; mild, moderate or severe. How can anyone tell us the specific level? I had a stroke and my life changed in that instance. I suggest you discuss with your physician about the numbness concerns and if you should have therapy. Whatever decision you make will be the right one. It must be because it's the decision you made. Visit often, this group has helped me so much. Share your victories boo matter how small they may seem . We love to share Victories With fellow survuvirs Tomorrow is my fifth anniversary. So I intend to celebrate. Be well, stay strong. Recovery mat not be easy or fast. But hard work and determination there can be continued improvments. Jay Allen
  4. Jayallen

    Once again being tough is a benefit. Glad it went well. Praying for continued success. Jay
  5. Jayallen

    Welcome to the most exclusive club, nobody wants to join. but here we are. My stroke was on 11-12-13, approaching my 5th anniversary. I tried to return to work and failed miserably. I wallowed in self pity for awhile, praying someone would stop by just so I could talk to someone. I finally realized I needed to take control ( right how much control do we have as a stroke survivor.) I needed a new routine, since I was no longer working. I figured out the public transportation system, I found a new coffee house in town. we now joke that the coffee house is my new office. I volunteer at a local hospital; working with stroke survivors. so rewarding for me, and gives me a purpose. I have written a book of poetry "SURVIVAL: Life after a stroke. Poems of my journey. Available on Amazon under my given name (John Allen Yurgens). Take advantage of this sight, visit often share all you want. the ups and downs, celebrate all your victories, small or large, we love to celebrate with our fellow survivors. We are the most Non-judgmental group. We are all different, as is every, rehab and recovery. But many of the issues we deal with are similar to others. Of course, what works for may not work for anyone else. Be strong. Stay Positive Keep a stiff upper lip. Okay, I'm a smart alec. Humor gets me through the day. Keep us posted on your journey and always celebrate any milestone. Jay Allen
  6. Jayallen

    Anothre milestone

    November 1, only a few days until I mark my 5th anniversary of my stroke. Hard to believe it's been five years. I am staying vigilant to recognize and fight off the triggers that surface this time of year my stroke date is 11-12-13. With all the memories issues I have why can't I forget that date? lol be well god bless Jay Allen
  7. Jayallen

    I have come to accept traveling by Public Transportation, since my stroke, The bus schedule dictates a lot of my life. I am generally 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late. Left over from my working days and work ethic, I always prefer to be early. I usually have a good book to read to pass the time. One of the support groups I participate in meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. I set up a reminder for every two weeks. I missed one two weeks ago, I ignored the reminder, juggling too many things. I stopped by the hospital yesterday about an hour early. our meeting room was in disarray, with renovations. I sat in the main lobby, waiting to see someone from the group. I know we did have a discussion of going to one meeting a month. Okay if they made that change it wasn't communicated very well. Then walking through the lobby I saw snow white and Frankenstein. hat was when I realized it was Halloween October 31. I was really early, in fact a week early. All I could do was laugh at myself. It comes down to laughing or crying, laughing is more fun. Be well, laugh often. Jayallen
  8. Jayallen

    Glad to hear you are Cancer free. Look for the beauty in every day. I do. Okay I'm from the Midwest and mid January I need to look very hard some days. Lol Be well, my friend. Stay strong, if not for yourself do it for your family God bless, Jayallen
  9. Jayallen

    Yesterday in response to a comment focusing on Depression I said I talked to my physician who suggested counseling. That worked for me but may not work for others. the only medical advice is talk to your doctor, nobody knows you better the two of you.
  10. Jayallen

    So true you cannot share that with your immediate family, but you can share with your family here on the stroke network. just as every stroke, rehab, and recovery are different. Many of us have had similar thoughts and feeling to any variety of intensity, along with Why me? Am a burden to my family. stuck in that dark downward spiral of endless depression, very challenging indeed. I was there for several months, until I realized how close I came to death, I fought clawed and kicked my way back to life. My new life. I talked with my Primary Physician, He suggested counseling, the best thing I did for my recovery, along with OT,PT and speech, of course. It's been a struggle for my family as well below is a social media post written by one of my daughter's Once again reminding me of my many blessings with my new normal Wow! Pretty proud and feeling lucky to call this Man my Dad! I’ve struggled the past few years with losing my “old dad” to his stroke. But how incredible is he? Embracing his second chance at life and making the very most of it. From volunteering at both our local hospitals, writing a book, to sharing his passions and new lease on life throughout our community...I would say my new dad is pretty incredible! Love you John Yurgens(AKA Jay Allen) and I’m SO thankful for your inspiration in my life! Be strong, Recovery may not be easy or fast, but with continued work We can learn to accept and even appreciate our new normal
  11. Jayallen

    Okay, so today is World Stroke Day; help me understand this. Should we celebrate strokes? Having one? surviving one? Offer a toast with a glass of milk, to wash down our meal of pills? Anyway: Happy World stroke day. Be well Jay Allen
  12. Jayallen

    Some Days 9-12-18 There are days I feel I’m in a daze My thinking is in a haze An old thought creeps into my mind “What if this as good as it gets?” I allow myself The opportunity To re-read my poem of that very name(below) Aiding me in focusing my thoughts On positive things As good as it gets v6 What if … this is as good as it gets if this is as good as it gets I am blessed and fortunate I have my life., my family My friends; , Old, and New Standing by me as I need, as only they can I do the same for them, as well I try to live my life as an example of humanitarianism I share my words and story with many, Some inspired Giving hope as they progress on their journey of The New Normal Others return to their own path of their journey, Writing poetry once again. How blessed am I? If this is as good as it gets, I’M OKAY WITH IT.
  13. Jayallen

    Asha, thanks for sharing. All of us deserve to be happy. When life tries to get ne down, I think of how far I have come and remind myself better times are sure to come my way. we must have faith and hope of course. Jay
  14. Jayallen

    Asha, I love the Hero's Journey. since my stroke, I do live intentionally in the Now. Seeking and appreciating all the wonders of daily life. Jay
  15. Jayallen

    My laugh for the day

    I have been using the bus for about 4 years now. There are a few places I go on a regular basis, I know generally when the bus should pass by. Yesterday was very warm, okay hot by Michigan standards (90+ degrees F 35 degrees C. I usually go to the bus stop about 5 minutes before I expect to see the bus. Yesterday was the same routine. I was hanging back in the shade. I was day dreaming about getting home taking a cool shower and just relaxing. looked up as the bus passed by, at the estimated time I thought it would go by. Darn it, right on time. Of course, I had a good laugh at my expense. Given the choice of laughing or getting mad about the situation I put myself in. I chose laughter. Who could I blame? Only myself. My day dream added 45 minutes to my trip home. The best part of the delay, one of the bus drivers was playing real old Motown. Early Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, just to name a few. I had to go south to go north. Many do not understand, It is my reality and I don’t have an issue with it. Remember, Without Laughter, there would be tears or anger, Laughing is much more fun. ;) Peace, Jay