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    traffic jam
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    Wow this brings ack memories of my daughter who basically became mom when i stroked introducing me to "new for me" activities. So the first time I got into a pool, Hailey took me to a wave pool (not such a good idea). I had my own rubber donut float which I had secure around my waist. It was nice getting into the water and feeling the cool of the water on a hot sunny day. Then the first round of waves started. I could see them coming.... I was not in control of my now floating body in a donut float. The waves battered me like a boat run aground on the beach. I screamed, I cried, I had a panic
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    Lots of love thanks guys!
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    Christmas/Holiday Decor 2021

    Pictures of 2021's Christmas Decor, things old, things new, things made.... through Tracy's view!
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    JOY Vignette

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    I am so much better at slowing down to smell the roses as they say.
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    A wonderful way of thinking! Trust me it is much simpler to see, feel, grieve all the negatives but I know I have reaped the positves from opening your eyes, heart and head to your current circumstances and see/feel what you can get from that (the positive, new blessings you may have never paid attention to, the choice to find the joy).
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    So familiar to me as well. I would be lying if I said I don't miss many of the things I took for granted before my stroke. One thing about relationships bothers me more than it should. I truly miss the intimate part of a relationship (not sex but holding, hugging, sweet words,etc). It feels lonely ( I am single now but not truly interested in persuing a new relationship as of this day and age). Recently, as I planned a trip to the beach with my mom and sisters I had to think about for the first time something that I wasn't sure about and I had anxiety even though I couldn't find out for myself
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    You know Sue I think going through a stroke and surviving and everything I do now to be my best has taught me a lot about life, priorities, and fears. First, I am absolutely not afraid of dying... heck I layed on a floor and vomited my brains out one night while talking to death (stroke). It makes me realize how little I truly have control of and that it is my reaction to or of what is happening that makes the difference. I am truly thankful for this as it leads to much less anxiety about life in general. It has also helped me when processing truly very difficult times in my family i.e. my gra
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    Oh dear Becky I completely understand about not getting shingles. I, thankfully, have not had them personally but my previous manager from years ago developed them all over one side of her head and scalp. Suffering, painful, she couldn't wash her hair, she had to apply greasy ointment on everyday (she still came to work sometimes...tough lady). It was months and more months of residual pain and neurological pain. I think she took gabapentin for a good while. I am planning on my vaccine as soon as I can get it.
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    It is still amazing to me the stron friendships that have formed since and from the fact I had a stroke to begin with. I pretty much lost all of my regular friends but I can tell you that the friends I have made in this community are the kindest, most inclusive and accepting people I've ever known. Now that alone is certainly a blessing. Sue I am so glad youhave made wonderful friends as well! So very sorry to hear about Bonnie and I sadly think I never got to know her here. Happy Holidays and may the future bring us much freedom to visit those we miss so much. Prayers to all and God Bles
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    I can relate to both. Though this year I am feeling physically weaker than I ever have and I am so aware that if I don't work on my stamina I'm going to short change myself. As far as cheating (being a diabetic myself) well i am not a strict miser about it. I fall off when holidays pop up or the occasional I have to have something "real" sweet. I just get off that train and hop back on the right one. I think it keeps me from going full postal and eating a whole cake lol. I certainly do feel there are things I can do to improve some aspects of myself. I think I have been working on them since I