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    Stay safe you guys! ❤️
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    Deigh I so understand! 100% relate. I am so sorry this happens to you too. I know how much it effects my well being and I have pretty serious issues with this as well. I certainly am no one to give you advice since it is such a catch 22 for myself. I sure do hope you find help or helpful things... sleep is so important. It is very frustrating when your body will not listen to your needs or instructions for sure!! Heather has given me the info on Inulen as well and I still need to check it out. If I do I'll let you know how it works for me. Best wishes always!
  3. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂 See you soon!
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    Congratulations!!! Happy 20th anniversary. Two weeks ago I splurged in a really naughty way. I bought a whole fudge cake AND ice cream. 😳😬 I decided to only eat the top layer over a few days with the icing on it {ALL THE ICING... MMMMM} and I tore the ice cream up. 🤦‍♀️So, I am really making myself behave since. It was a guilty pleasure. I had lots of pleasure eating the guilt. 😂 I'll have to be good for a while.
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    Kevin I love your direction of thinking. LOL I have definitely been in that position of 2nd guessing something once I start. Occasionally, I throw my hands in the air 🤷‍♀️. But I am pretty darn stubborn... My daddy always fussed at me because I was stubborn. So on other occasions I conquer the moment and have the YES!!! moment... and other times stubborn gets the best of me and I pay the price for a few days. I'm pretty glad I'm stubborn though. I think I have gotten further doing so. Keep up the good work! 😃
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    That is such great news Sue! These triumphs mean a lot I'm sure! I know they would to me. I'm so glad you have Shirley for support and to spend some needed "take care of me time" with someone you enjoy spending it with! Thank you for the update and sending prayers and all happy thoughts for the scan in August. (((HUGS)))
  7. Thanks you guys (hugs). Kelli I'm not sure I will ever find a solution but if I do you'll be the first to know! It's true, PT for me was a love/hate relationship when it came to my Physical Therapist during my after stroke sessions. LOL I can just imagine us doing PT together Kendall would quit. 😂 He is absolutely great though. 100% all about making sure I am physically and emotionally OK. I think he was as surprised as I was. Heather this is so true! I did talk to my therapist about my emotional coming apart. We spoke quite a bit about it. She basically said the same thing. That
  8. Heather it doesn't hit any sore spots at all. I'll have to look into insulin... I've never heard of it. Could be a good thing. I sure hope your sleep settles down soon! I am so lucky that writing down my thoughts is usually just what I needed.
  9. I have been going to PT for almost 6 months now for neck, back, shoulder and scapula pain. My Orthopedist did find some answers about 2 weeks after an imaging study of my cervical spine. Looks like there are a couple of bulging disc's and I've lost the curve in my c-spine. I told my PT what he found and he was excited to try some new exercises to focus on my issues. I was just as excited! 😃 So, I had to stand (with good posture) facing away from the wall with a basketball size therapy ball between my head and the wall. Then I simply needed to do chin tucks against the ball. Seems simple enough
  10. HostTracy

    I have been following the dreadful news of the terrible flooding there. I am so thankful you are perched on higher ground and pray that all continues safely. Many prayers for everyone displaced by the ravages around them now. I know you are helping many cute furry kittens. Wow, they are so lucky to have generous hands working hard to cuddle them. I am delighted at the thought of it and the picture shows how warm and cuddly the mats are (well I think I saw a Pic yesterday 😊). Good to hear you will have visitors soon. During this time of covid, family, friends and visito
  11. HostTracy

    LG I spent a good while last night reading all of the posts since your first. Seems I have been absent for a long time and my heart goes out to you. I wish I could just morph right through my app and just be there for you. Grief can be such a personal thing (everyone goes through this differently). You seem to be grieving in multiple aspects and all I can say is time and pray for you on your journey and hugs from afar. I think you are right... Everything I just read in your last post screams grief and very raw grief. My heart just hurts for you. I know I'm not right there and I can't pick up a
  12. Sue, this is why I love it here. Your message is perfect and means a lot to me. Hugs right back to you my friend.
  13. Asha you are a gem and a wonderful positive support. You and I have talked about this very same thing, but I hope you don't feel any part of my blog is directed to you or anyone in particular for that matter. I really just needed to get some weight off of my mind and it did the trick. 🙂 Writing my emotions has been a positive way for me to process them and feel better inside and I am thankful for being able to write here. I feel less alone and right at home here. Thank you for reading and thank you for positive thoughts. I really do appreciate you. ❤️
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    Chiming in late here but this is a topic I very much relate to. My stroke was in the cerebellum (bilateral) and I have balance issues, disequilibrium and central vertigo (not proximinal?... central is caused by brain damage). With that said, I still experience these things often. I definately do not fall as much (I am laughing thinking back to some of my falls and thank goodness none have caused serious damage). I have learned many coping techniques. 1. Stare at a stationary object in the distance when trying to balnace in place. 2. For me I have to use my eyes to balance more now because my v
  15. HostTracy

    Yes yes and yes! Unfortunately, I am reminded often of my stroke and it was a terrifying experience. My stroke has left me with balance issues, disequilibrium and central vertigo which I experience often. Sometimes it's ok and I get through it fine and then other times end with panic attack. There are many ways I think this manifests with me. Another kinda weird but truly unsettling thing is Taco Bell and another is throwing up. The night I had my stroke I ate Taco Bell and my stroke caused violent unrelenting vomiting immediately (and I couldn't move my head so I was lying on my stomach with
  16. I'm sitting here in my living room listening to the birds chirping as the sun rises (its 5:30am). This blog is me getting stuff off my chest. I have to release this "stuff" sometimes... I'm not looking for answers, reactions or sympathy BTW I just hold a lot of stuff in. Also, I don't have a lot of people I can let it all out to (for lack of the ability to get it out or maybe lack of motivation and I get on my own nerves so I can only imagine that I do the same for others and I don't want that). I apologize in advance... It seems many times when I write a blog or at least it feels
  17. Paul (((hugs))) first. My heart goes out to you and it's no wonder you've been feeling so yuck. The stresses around us and especially when the complexities of stroke defecits pepper our world... It can feel chaotic, unrelenting, hopeless, confusing and a plethora of other feelings. I have been in a similar state the year and a half after my stroke. Different circumstances but I am sure some of the same or similar feelings and uncertainty. My brain just couldn't process my circumstances. I am now on my own by choice but we were not married. I'm almost to my 6 year post stroke and I am aware of
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    Oh Janelle I am so sorry for your loss! RIP Lucy. I hope the other fur babies in your family can offer all of you some inner peace. 🙏🏼❤️
  19. HostTracy

    I have been anticipating this since it changed last year in fall/winter! I feel life filling in my cold dark spots. YES YES YES FREAKING YES! This totally brings on the spring fever and I am particularly a fan! 🌞😎🧘‍♀️
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    Sue I am trying to paint my spring world with lavender, blush, cool white, shades of blue and green. Trying to paint over the gray leafless trees and dormant grass. Also, again this winter I've had terrible Seasonal Affective Disorder abd sleep issues as well as chronic pain from 2 bulging c-spine discs and a shoulder issue. PT since October and about to have another MRI. I need a bit of color in my life...soft color. Little by little I'm adding snippets of color to my physical and mental world. Nature is coming right along with me... The 🌸 blooming trees are gorgeous, the grass is waking up,
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    Janelle... I have missed you my friend. 😊 Surgery updates: I did have Varicose Vein therapy. Actually, I'm still seeing changes. I have found out that it takes a while for the discolorations and knotty feelings to dissipate but 75% of my skin looks so much better! I'm not sure if my legs have more stamina lol I sorta have an all over fatigue most of the time. The weight loss surgery hasn't happened... Yet. I was actually not approved by my current hospital due to my risk assessment. I have found another Dr. in Nashville with way better ratings who does more involved surgery (or more at risk su
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    We are all still adjusting (Kitty, Bella and I). Bella is lighting a fire under us older warm bodies (myself and Kitty) lol. She is, for some reason, obsessed with my A/C vents and has learned how to get it out of its hole in the floor. 🤨 Needless to say, I keep a water "don't do that" water spray bottle nearby. It's sort of tough though, since every room has at least one vent. 🤬 Or maybe it is vents in general... She likes to play behind my washer and dryer and this past week and ripped my dryer vent in half. So... Yes, Bella is a special addition to our family. Kitty and I sometimes just loo
  23. Thank you guys and I hope someone can benefit from this technique!
  24. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂 See you soon! I am hosting tonight's chat for Asha 🙂 come join!