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  1. 🙏🙏🙏 sending lots of prayers!!!
  2. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂
  3. HostTracy

    Those moments where you can't get anything out are the worst. It leaves me with either a feeling of shame, sadness, guilt, frustration. I usually end up crying. Which helps nothing. During those times my brain literally does not work properly. Man I wish I could tell you what works for me. Have you guys joined a local stroke/caregiver group? That scenario is so hard on both spouses. I think it may have a little bit to do with acceptance too. It's something I think your spouse will have to reach too. In the meantime keep your chin up...you know we will give you as much support as we can.
  4. HostTracy

    You're not Becky are you. 😳
  5. HostTracy

    I think you are exactly right Becky. I know they work under a Dr. and what they do is evaluate and approve a patient's care. Again, I'm in TN. It could be different elsewhere.
  6. Becky I think those are great ideas. Especially for a woman, a woman who is a wonderful caregiver...that's incredibly hard work. Validation and as you said a big ole bear hug is a wonderful thing. PaulNash I too have issues holding a conversation, especially if there is emotion involved. I don't know what to say and my natural responses are not there anymore...I think I make it worse. I also just physically have difficulty getting my thought out. It can come off as flat (unless PBA has taken hold and I'm already a blubbering mess). I think maybe I could offer a hug better than words. I don't know though...we are all so different.
  7. HostTracy

    Falling on the floor LOL wouldn't it! Oh my goodness I know what you mean. My "this is my space" bubble has gotten huge compared to what it used to be. 😵 Don't block me in people!!! I can understand about the fall. One day I was walking out my front door and tripped on my own feet and landed head first in my shrub holding on for dear life...looking into the points of all the limbs in front of my face. I also fell walking with my daughter down the paved road that was very flat. I just went SPLAT. Nothing in my path, was talking to my daughter one minute and moaning on the asphalt the next. Three different people came out to save me. My daughter said later it was so violent and quick but straight down like an ironing board. It must have looked scary lol. Yes I needed all 3 neighbor's help getting up. Thank the Lord we lived in a neighborhood. I could have an ongoing video about my "falls" ...too bad I'm not always being filmed lol. I might be a internet star! 🌟
  8. HostTracy

    Paul I'm glad you wrote back because I now realize I completely looked over the words "three years and a few days ago" and just read "a few days ago". 😳 I'm at about 3 and two thirds past. I really hear what you are saying. That is a big loss to bear. The social issues I know I'll totally relate. I went from a happy social butterfly to a anti-social hermit lol. Yea but true. I'm not good around people. I screw up conversations. I stutter. I completely freeze sometimes. Sometimes I have a panic attack. It's easier in my room. Pretty sad but I'm ok with it.
  9. I also would suggest talking to your Dr.'s about seeing a Psychologist for therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a great one and can focus on specific issues and home in on helpful tools. I have huge cognitive deficits. See my Psychiatrist every other month and now that I won my SSDI and have insurance I'm about to start CBT on Monday via my pc kinda like Skype. I'll let you know how it goes. I've not had therapy this way but I do know it has helped me in the past. I agree with Heather about Speech Therapy as well. ST's work on more than speech. They work on higher learning parts in the brain. It may help. Good luck.
  10. HostTracy

    Wooo Hooo!! 🙌 Deigh keep us informed...living vicariously can elicit excitement!!!
  11. HostTracy

    Fortunately I haven't had too much issue because with my weird stroke I haven't lost use of a limb but it's all in my head literally. I do get dizzy a lot but a wall is good when that happens. I will tell you about a time 6 months before my stroke though. I was in the ER in a wheel chair from just falling off my porch (I didn't know yet but i broke my leg) waiting to be seen. There was so many people in the ER like 40 or something. Anyways, I was in the waiting room a long time. Eventually, mother nature called and I waited as long as I could but dang it I HAD to pee. So my daughter and I took off to the bathroom...she walking and me rolling. Now mind you again this is at a hospital ER. So there was one handicap stall.. bigger and a bigger door. Picture this...because my leg was so swollen and painful i had to keep it elevated so the foot rest was in the up position. Me in the chair with my leg straight out in front. 1st we had to avoid anyone from bumping into my leg. It was busy, people up and down. Some to and from the restroom. Oncw we made it to the restroom, Hailey had to ensure it was empty so she could roll me in. Once in, we rolled into the handicap stall and even though bigger my leg sticking out was an issue. So I had to get out of the chair there and get to the potty which seemed so far away. My daughter stood on one side while i attempted to accomplish this seemingly easy task. 1st. I am not skinny I'm fluffy. 2nd. My leg hurt! 3rd. I am a horrible hopper. 4th. Every time i hopped a tiny bit closer my leg sent major pain shocks up and down. Needless to say it was as clumsy, slow process filled with loud ouches and a few colorful words. I cried when I got back to my seat in the wheelchair...a mix of pain and anger. At that point I was a tiger..."Get out of my way and don't hit my leg!!!!". Hopefully this gave you a giggle...on the serious side i get you.
  12. HostTracy

    I also think the large font added excitement lol. Not all capitals so I didn't hear yelling at all.
  13. HostTracy

    I have seen so many posts to this thread but have passed by it because...well scrabble is not my strongsuit and it's been a while since I have played. But curiosity got the cat. I had to poke in and read. Might I say that it was awesome lol. Deigh indeed you described your scrabble game as the World Cup or better! Who knew it could be so exciting!!! 🤷‍♀️ Seriously! I have nothing to add but to tell you I enjoyed the read. 🙂
  14. HostTracy

    Tyrusrex you might want to inquire about switching to a dedicated MD. Not that a NP is not a capable healyhcare provider but if I were in your position it would worry me too. Especially if he/she seems not very familiar with your medical issues. I would let them know your concerns and inquire if you can change PCP, even for feeling better about the situation. Let them know if it causes stress...stress is something a stroke survivor should steer clear of. I'm mouthy with little filter since the stroke so I would say something right away lol. I would encourage you to at least inquire about change. Maybe your insurance would be happy to help you find a Physician you would feel comfortable with. Best of wishes.
  15. Madade I was just reading your entire thread. Sighs I have been there. I really get the emotional release from whereever it comes...fear, anger, embarrassment, sadness, pain...there are so many reasons why. I'm not sure what was the catalyst in your case but let it out friend. 😕😭😒😶 Crap is crap and when it happens, responsable or not, it many times causes that ball of emotion in your chest. I agree it is better to releaseit no matter. I am and many others are here to listen and give support. I can't agree more that others who have not experienced a stroke many times do try and sympathise, empathy well that is another matter. Can't tell you how many times i have felt alone in a room full of people. Thank Lord for this site and my local stroke support group. It feels good to know i am never alone. (((hugs)))
  16. HostTracy

    ☹️ PaulNash I am sorry to hear about your recent stroke. I hope things are going well. You have a guardian angel, including your wife, thank goodness you weren't there alone in the snow! Let us know how you are doing.
  17. HostTracy

    I had a medically necessary Hysterectomy the year after my stroke. I had endometrial pre-cancer.
  18. Oh I see. Maybe Steve can fix this.? Sorry about that Deigh.
  19. HostTracy

    Ok just did a little test. 1. Click into the blog post you're trying to delete. 2. Scroll down to the bottom and press I think it says edit lol I don't remember again. 3. Choose delete it will ask you to confirm and then it should delete.
  20. HostTracy

    Hmm I'll try to get an answer.
  21. HostTracy

    I hope it works. 🙂
  22. It says "join" at the end and then it will go to chat when you press it. I think I had to do something with minnut ...let me try to get more information.
  23. Scroll down on that etiquette screen. I believe there is a box to agree by checking box and then it should let you go to the next step. Crossed my fingers.
  24. HostTracy

    Madade I just went to one of my blog posts and could still delete it. I scrolled down to the very bottom and there is a bar you can click (I have forgotten what it said 😳). It drops down a menu and one of the options is to delete. Not sure if that helps but hopefully.
  25. HostTracy

    That's great Deigh! I can completely get why this compliment really meant something...not that any others did not but I understand. I also am glad that you commented about your blockage Heather! DoubleD this is why this forum is great...so many different survivors and so many different experiences that are many times so helpful in our own story. As for me, I let out a sigh of relief...I didn't realize that. I also agree with Heather, listen to your body, it's so easy to push ahead to soon. 😕 I hate to say it but your brain and body after stroke will push you right back. They have a lot of recovery after a stroke. I love your attitude though...a fighter is the perfect adversary! Rereading the thread I referred to your TIA as a stroke. It is a mini stroke, however, and can give you very similar challenges. With a fighting spirit and the blessing that it was a TIA and not a completed stroke...I think you'll kick this TIA's bum!