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  1. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂
  2. Hey everyone! I'll see you at 3 pm EST for chat! I hope to see you there. 🙂 http://www.strokechat.net/
  3. Hey everyone. I will be somewhat absent i think for a little bit due to a number of things. My cat hosting will stay the same I am just super busy right now and it takes all of me to get this noggin going in the right direction. As of today my dad is back in the hospital in CCU. I have been a bit under the weather with my tummy and it seems i still am having issues. Good news is I should be moving into my duplex next week! I will be doing a lot of things but I am here and give me a hello whenever you like I will be back regular soon. 🙂 Tracy
  4. Heather, my spoons are like 4 everyday for a few. Oh my goodness this is hard! I really feel like I haven't really done much just got in here. Thank you EVERYONE! When I get things looking better I'll share some progress pictures! Blusey I feel like you have told me your name lol...ok stroke card pull...I think the house warming might be a bit further in the future!
  5. I wanted to let everyone know that I am so thankful Asha was with you guys today in chat. It's been a 3 day chaos full of full on strokey anxiety attacks and my brain is toast. I slept 12-4 CST so I was not in my host spot. Asha you are an awesome friend for trying to nudge me awake from a long way away, thank you. Extra alarms set for Wednesday chat.
  6. Thanks Asha... I really appreciate you!
  7. Becky!!! I am beyond overjoyed!!! I've done a bit too much the last couple of days and we'll gotta oay the piper. I'm still on cloud 9 though!
  8. I'm all moved into the new place sans organized and in place. My body and brain have been tortured, I'm exhausted, in pain and so freaking excited! I don't think I've had a moment to just take it in. But I wanted to leave you guys an update. 😃 🙌👩‍🔧🙋‍♀️🎉🎊
  9. HostTracy

    My New Home In Progress!

    I've finally "moved" in and now comes the fun part. Exhausting, but fun!
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    From the album: My New Home In Progress!

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    From the album: My New Home In Progress!

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    From the album: My New Home In Progress!

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    From the album: My New Home In Progress!

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    From the album: My New Home In Progress!

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    Nancy you are an inspiration!
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    Wonderful! 15 years is a celebration! 😊
  17. Hi Jim I know we have introduced ourselves before (in forum or chat I can't remember). I very much relate the intense emotions. Keep your chin up and keep us informed. We are your cheering squad! 📣
  18. HostTracy

    Sue hang in there friend. I'm thinking of you. A electric blanket is possibly a great idea. I do the side Stepping on the stairs too holding on for dear life. My PT used to really fuss at me but my knees are shot and I have a stronger leg and a weaker leg. I have had to do what I have had to do. Thank you for the update.
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    Scott that is so great to hear!
  20. HostTracy

    I sometimes can close my eyes in the car but not always.
  21. HostTracy

    I am severely affected by riding in a car with a driver. I NEED to be in the front. I can't ride with just anyone. My mom, my sister, my step-dad and that's about it. It takes all of me to keep my anxiety at a manageable level during the ride. Last night...my kitty (who is the love of my life 😳) scared the poo out of me because she was under the bed table. I screamed and she ran away. I had a few moments of gasping for air and crying and then I calmed myself down.
  22. HostTracy

    Oh my gosh I have severe sensory over stimulation in all areas. My startle reflex is out of the park. This is just another reason my GAD and panic attacks can be so often and so bad. 3 days ago I had a full out meltdown panic attack because a moth smacked into my cheek at night. My daughter had to coax me into the house. I can't explain the extreme fear that goes through me.
  23. LOL not cat hosting (I am a cat mom) but chat hosting. Daddy is in a regular room but not ready to come home yet. My duplex has been fixed but a re-inspection will probably be like Tuesday or Wednesday 🤞. Things sorta had a big curve last night...involves my daughter and my ex fiance (she has been living there) and she packed a bag and came here last night around 2. Like my friend at my local stroke group said Thursday "Life Gives me Lemons and I make lemonaid.". So in a few words meditating...in hopes that my chapter starts with the good spirit it was starting with. As well as prayers...i have so many me and my move, my daddy, my stepmom, my mom (finally completely retired and is just now allowing herself to mourn my brother's passing last year. It's quieter, calmer in her world and it's coming I can see and feel it.), my daughter and her well being and right path, my absolute shutting down of my lingering connection with my ex - I know I need this, my crazy tummy that is not helping me these days, and generally that I need to close my eyes and let go and trust the Lord has me. I hope all those having a Memorial Day Weekend have a great one and for everyone to enjoy their weekend. Thank you BTW for all the support and words. It means more to me than you'll ever know. I'll keep you posted.
  24. As I am going through this new chapter in my journey, I am better and better at honing in on this new part of me. I think it is something I have always needed in my life. I am worth it. I believe that 100%.