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  1. It's amazing how quickly some people forget their wedding vows! "In sickness and in health" sorry for you, sweetie!
  2. Aug. 19 last race for Dale Earnhardt jr. I think he is retiring. I believe it's last race at B M S.
  3. I know where that is. I live close to Bristol Motor Speedway. " It's Bristol Baby!" See a race sometime! It's awesome!
  4. I live in north East Tennessee.welcome, just curious, what part of north east Tennessee?
  5. Got my appointment for surgery, It is Aug.16. excited and scared.
  6. Lin, I will certainly update everyone as soon as possible.
  7. Thanks Kelli, I am excited about the surgery and nervous at the same time, just want to get it done and over. I hope my hand looks as good as Katrina's.
  8. I am so happy for you! I have had my consultation for the surgery,and am waiting for an appointment. I would love to talk to you about what to expect.could you please pm. Me? Thanks