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  1. Benni, I just wanted you to know how much it means to me that someone knows exactly what I feel! It's easy for someone with two strong arms and legs to say just move this way or that way. I wouldn't want them to know what it's really like.They mean well, but just don't understand.
  2. I have a hard time understanding,as I hear be patient, stroke recovery takes a long time. Keep working, stroke recovery takes a lot of work. I can't work an arm that refuses to move. I want a miracle, I guess. I keep waiting.
  3. Like everyone else said, I'm so glad to hear about your success!Do you think some things come back with time, or was it something you did?
  4. The one I have, has a Velcro strap that. Fastens around my calf,. Very uncomfortable at times.
  5. Smart thinking! I was told not to walk bare foot, but I did anyway. That's what caused me to fall. My foot turns in, when I stepped in the shower, my foot rolled over and caused me to fall.thankfully, nothing was broken, just a sprain. I don't heal as fast as I did before stroke, or when I was younger!
  6. Thanks Benni,for taking the time to give me some information. I have an AF O. Mine is different than the one in the picture.Mine has a metal rod that runs from my foot up the side of my leg.It's a bit uncomfortable,so I attach it to my leg over top of my pants leg.Maybe I need to wear it more and get used to it . Thanks again, Jan
  7. Steve, I have fallen twice. The first time I broke my hip,and had to have a partial hip replacement. The second time only a twisted ankle,as my left foot is weak and turns in whenever I walk.I fell out of a walk in shower,now I am afraid to even try to stand or walk.That was 7 days ago and my foot still hurts. Any ideas on how to strengthen a weak foot. My PT always says put weight on it, put weight on it. That's hard to do ,when it hurts so bad. Any advice?
  8. Yes Scott, half a ski mask, and women's gloves might be a little creepy but, what ever works you have to do, what you have to do.
  9. Thanks Scott, I've learned something new today! I have that wired feeling also, when something cold touches my affected side, so I do understand!!
  10. Scott, I understand everything except the knitted sleeve on your right arm.What is that for?
  11. Janelle, I am glad you still remember me! I haven't posted much lately. I have had a couple of set backs, for some good news,. I just returned from Atlanta ,GA. Where I saw a hand surgeon. He said he could loosen the tendons of my left hand and maybe straighten my fingers out. I hope and pray!
  12. I am ashamed of my funny walk, drawn up arm,but most of all I fear embarrassing my family a d those around d me. Before stroke I was a hair stylist, most days my hair is a mess. I can't wear pretty shoes, pretty jewelry, so many things I can't do. I am glad that I'm still alive,but I miss the old me.
  13. Katrina, I am very interested in your story,as I have just returned from The Shepherd Center, with the option to have the surgery. How are you doing now? Do you. Feel it was worth having the surgery? Thanks

  14. Has anyone taken Cymbalta? What are the pros and cons?