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  1. Thanks for the post. I am 3 years post stroke,and most days I feel like this is the best I will ever be. I'M glad to know that I may be better someday.
  2. Stroke is an everyday subject because it is an everyday struggle, and impossible to ignore.
  3. Surviving is a good thing. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You must be very strong!
  4. Janelle, Great topic!, May I add one more thing? I have thought about this a lot. What would be the one word, I would use to describe me after stroke? My one word would be LOST. I was lost somewhere on that awful day. Now, back to the original topic, My one thing would be to find me.
  5. Tracy, I will think of you often and pray for you too. I hope you will still post here sometimes. Thanks for great advice. I have come to think of you as a friend . I hope you find all the happiness you deserve! Good luck in all you do and GOD BLESS!! Please keep in touch.
  6. AMEN brother!! I CAN do all things through Christ!!!
  7. I have been told from the beginning that the arm and hand are the last to come back. That movement begins at the shoulder and moves down. I have good shoulder movement. I'm waiting on my elbow, wrist and fingers. I can raise my arm high enough to turn a light switch on and off, and can move my pinkie finger a little bit, so maybe it's working! I sure hope so!
  8. Hello Mark, I had a stroke three years ago. I have found a lot of advice and understanding on this site. I hope you do as well.
  9. Linnie, What you discriibed sounds a lot like the program I had. I did a lot of writing in a work book,. Learning how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It is about talking your self out of a panic attack. Panic attacks can be very debilitating. I was home bound for awhile, until I learned how to get control of negative thoughts.
  10. We are Indeed!
  11. Hi, Pam I also had an ischemic stroke . It was caused by a blocked right carotid artery. I appreciate everyone on this site, who have been there, and can pass on such great advice to those of us coming along behind on this journey.A Happy Mother's Day to you, and God Bless!
  12. Thanks for understanding me Becky, I have had bad anxiety and panic attacks for years. I went through a self help, self awareness program. The idea was to change the negative ways of thinking and replace with positive thinking or self talk . I know it sounds strange but it really works.It's called "Attacking Anxiety".
  13. Benni, Thanks for this topic. I have no crying just lots of worry and guilt, usually over minor , little things. I've tried talking to myself,but I don't listen!!
  14. As we're on the subject of Mothers, I want to wish an early Happy Mother's Day to everyone!