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On Easter my son brought me a wonderful thoughtful gift. 


On Christmas Day we were on a road trip and visited. It was a wonderful weekend with fantastic sunshine weathere here in CA and good happy company and a lot of good food.  I was feeling great after a long drive to the coast. I opened my eyes to a coastal scene of beauty of a pier swings in white sand low tide breakers sea gulls all around. The sights smell of salty fresh air and sound of crashing waves gave this place a crisp sureal feeling and I gasped this is just what heaven will be like. I took pictures with my phone as usual. Then at end I gave him all the pics. I often flip through pictures. I look at selfies and see my happy eyes. oh and before and after salon. when son said much improved. when a son says so right?


So on Easter he brought me a 12x16 canvas print of the scenic treasure location I loved so much. Out of all the pictures we both took. He remembered how much I loved this place but I was surprised because there was another destination too but he chose this. Good Choice.


He gave me the gift to go there and then the gift to look at the memory on the wall forever to share it.

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My Rogain Trial

I have lost so much hair and I started rogain again today. Solution this time instead of foam. has anyone used it???



I miss baby girl

Caretaking was too much for my two beautiful superheroes in their young 20s. I would not have done well either. But my kids did help me recover and be realistic about tough stuff. Many memories of my kids wheeling me to class. one professor told me to look at the audience and not my tablet. lol I could hardly see to read. But I got my daughter grown up a tiny bit more just enough to want to fly off on her own. I am proud of both of my kids who saved me in some way. Their love sustains me. Oh it