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My pain goes on. but the next RFA is in Oct not Dec so I will have pain relief. I will travel in summer. Take my hat and scarf. Wonderful time to be alive. I WILL TRY. I have new BF F here. I bought an card player partmer a set of cards after they denied her more bcuz someone steals them. I suspect her roommate. I told it I paid for new cards and will involve admin in any future missing cards. no proof but roomie dislikes her. Kick back bullies.


we cannot have omlets but can do scrambled and cheese. so I order fried eggs. I hate substitute eggs. I only do eggs once in a while. We 3 girls sit together at breakfast and gab. fun. therapy.


I bought new vacay clothes.4 white tops and grey striped slacks. California clothing is fresh.white nice for older woman. nicer than my hospital gowns.I have a scarf with some light green background then brown

polka dots. I am thrilled to go someplace new. My doc changed BP meds that are making me drowsy. Maybe I will feel better.


my kidneys need testing. i am exhausted and dehydrated but doc said go with family. 


So a nurse here eyes my new stuff and made me feel like oh you are not sick if you go out. Dumb.


I mean I struggle with pain but they still see me as not good enough. But new things are healing. fun family stuff is healing.

I am exhausted and dehydrated. I have less pain. not a cure.


But I am ready to go get my nails done again and I started a thing with bright nails. I am sick of them. Ready for a new color.

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Heart Felt Thanks, I am lucky

How can a month be full of some of the saddest moment and the highest highs and show me where the gratefulness grows.   Today I'm morning a very good friend of mine here in the nursing home that I met shortly after I arrived years ago. There were times when I thought that she was going to outlive me even though she was in her late 90s. It's a mystery that she did not reach a hundred I'm told but I'm not sure which number after 5 she reached but anyway there she was sitting at the table