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"Help, I've fallen and can't get up"



This sounds like the television commercial for the alert devices. I came home to hear William calling me from his room. He was on the floor. He was trying to get his cell phone. He didn't realize that it was right next to him. The caregiver had left and he decided to walk to the living room and find his phone.


I got home 45 min later. William was trying to shout for help. I told him to just lay them next time. I willl be home..and nobody can hear him through the door.


Well I thougt this is the perfect opportunity to try to get him up. PT had told me that I couldn't get him up by myself and therefore did not bother teaching me. I always ask because I want to know what to do if this happens. I think that William wore himself out before I got home and was therefore not able to achieve the task of getting up.


I let him call 911. The paramedics came out and helped him up. They turned him on his back and them one got under each armpit and helped him to stand up. He is sleeping now. He just wore himself out and is scared and has lost his confidence.


I told him that we would practice getting up in the pool. He can get on his knees and I can help him to get up. He is right..the lifeguards can help us if needed.


It is amazing that he does not have falls. The paramedics were wonderful and did not even charge.




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hey Ruth:


I am glad William was not hurt just hurt his confidence well that could be rebuild by practicing how to get up from floor from PT. falling is part of growing up after stroke.



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Ruth, the therapists should have shown you how to lift William with his assistance. One day he might have a fall in a place where you couldn't call for help!


I have been lifting Ray for 12 years, at one time he fell twice a week, now is a stable period and I am picking him up maybe every two weeks. Which is much better for my back.


The paramedics demonstrated a two man lift maybe next time ask them about a one person lift.



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Ruth: now that I can breathe again, I'll respond-lol. He must have been terrified. I have often thought that in a true emergency, Bruce would also not be able to either find or use the phone. Just finished posting someone whose husband used his Life Alert improperly=well, in her opinion. I think he reacted as you would want them to.


I am so thankful he is not hurt. I agree with Sue, you need to know how to get him up safely. North Haven does not charge for lift assists, no matter how often we call. However that is not true in all communities. I was taught by PT how to get him up: slide him on an afghan to a grip bar, recliner chair and the bed raise as long as the bed is against a wall.


I am so thankful all is well. Yes, William may have lost some confidence, but he also knows the possible outcome of reacting impulsively and will hopefully remember that next time. Best, Debbie

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Hi Ruth: I replied to your blog earlier but it disappeared! :uhm: I'm happy William was okay even though he was afraid. As I said before, they taught Larry how to get up from the floor at PT. We have not had to try it, but I may just call the paramedics since they are just down the street if it happens. I worry too about Larry since he is walking around the house with his cane now. His biggest problem is still getting up from an armless chair.


See you in chat hopefully. :D



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The VA gave me a life alert to wear around my neck and free to me. Haven't used it yet and I keep my cell phone in my pocket all the time. If you get a sturdy chair he can hold on to it with his good arm while resting on his strong side, you catch his weak arm near his shoulder balanced against the chair and tug a bit until his good knee is under him a bit. At that point he can be pulled into the chair and onto his good foot. That's how my wife does me to get off the floor.


If she's not home I can get up the same way using the bed if that's where I fall. I haven't had any spills in over two years now, thank God! I'm probably a bit stronger than William and a little more balance too but try that method it may work for you.


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