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whose schedule is this?



I have to ask myself. If this my schedule or William's schedule.???

I seem to be in charge of the schedule and William always wants to ask what we do next. I remind him that we have just been doing this for 2 years. But, the only day that he knows is Sunday. That is the day that he chooses to have as his own.


Monday is Pool in the morning. This means that I get up and get our stuff gathered and put into the car. I get William up and changed into his swim trunks. He need to brush his teeth and use the urinal. I get his cap and glasses and gait belt and sandals on. We walk to car. I strap his seat belt and we are off.


We get to join the Monday morning crowd heading off to work. We get to the YMCA and the 7:30A class is still in session that means that means that we have to work around them. I usually try to stay on the edge or in the very shallow part. William doesn't understand why I am changing the routine. We usually walk the pool. But, the class is in our way. We get the pool after the class leaves. Now we can start the back and forth saga. But, William wants to leave also. I tell him that it is too soon. We need to walk.


Finally finished. Time for a shower, cup of coffee and meds. On the way home I ask William if he wants to go out. He says he wants to go home. He is tired. I tell him that I need to gas up the car and stop by the store. A little chill has come in. So I buy breakfast stuff and put William to bed. He is still snoozing. I tried a new chicken recipe in the crock pot. LEt's see how it turns out. You never know with my cooking!


Tues. work in the AM and afterwork. I may bring William to see the dogs or a movie.


Wed. Pool early in the AM. Thurs. Pool early in the Am. I have the day off. Cardiologist appt at 11:15A. We shall see how much energy William has to do something else. Friday. I work 8-4. This means that William gets the day off. I might try the YMCA later. but it depends if I am too tired.




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Ruth that is a full schedule for sure. What do you do with your time off? :yeahrite: Just kidding, it looks like you don`t have any. All the best to you two.



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Ruth, I don't know how you do it :uhm: I am usually as tired as Larry after hauling him around to exercise or doctor appointments. If I had to work, I would be fried at the end of the day. lol We were never big pool people but I think it would be good therapy - for me too! See you Tuesday in chat.



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Ruth, yes it is time to ask that question because the way I see it there is no Ruth time in there, except maybe the excursions as I hope you add something of interest to yourself in there.


I had to start on respite time three years ago as I knew after 8 years of looking after Ray that I had almost lost the ability to do things for myself. I admit I mostly use the time for shopping and visiting Mum but at least it is "off schedule" time for me so I can relax and wander without pushing Ray in a wheelchair or hauling a whole heap of the things he needs with me.


Maybe relax a bit about the pool as time goes by and instead have some time for relaxing in the nearest patch of garden in the dappled shade of summer?



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Ruth: its funny you mentioned William's annoyance in the pool at not being able to do his routine, his way. Bruce does his laps the long way and is very annoyed when ones are doing theirs the short way. We are allowed to swim during formal therapy sessions, so this only happens on Friday. My original plan was for Jen to take him and give me time here at home alone, but that changed with my work schedule. Altho I will say, most of our CNAs are willing to go into the pool with him, it is finding one that can drive a 5 speed that is the trouble-lol.


With Bruce it is either work or pool with usually one day off for errands. Sunday is groceries, gas.


Since you can leave William for a short time, I do hope you take advantage of that for "you" time. I found that out this weekend and think I will start with working in the yard, just to be close and starting the telephone contact that you use with William.


Good Week and talk to you Tuesday. Debbie

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