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recovery is slow as to be imperceptable



Today is Easter. He is Risen. William could not wait to get to early service. We had service at 7AM. William was up at 4AM wondering if we should get ready. I had to tell him that 6A or 5:30A was early enough. We left the house at 6A and got church too early. I was able to read the entire book of JOhn to William while we waited for service to start.


We started talking on the way home. I remarked that one of the ladies at the YMCA had remarked that William has come along way since we started coming. William remarked that progress is so slow as to be almost impercetable. I have to agree. Progress is so slow!!! It is easy to get frustrated..but when I look back and see how far William has come..I have to be thankful.


It is interesting to know that William feels like I do about recovery. It is too slow.~~~ I am constantly telling him that it is a brain thing. Retrain the brain!!!


William saw that I was readying a Book "Don't leave me this way". He was curious and asked me about it. I told him that it was about a stroke survivor. He liked the title and is now saying "Don't leave me this way".


During service the minister asked the question...would you want to live forever??? My answer has always been. No.!!! the advent of medicine has enabled people to live into their hundreds. That is along time!!!. yes, it depends upon alot of things. Will I be physically able, mentally able??? Those are the two big ones. I really do not want to have excessive pain to live with. I am being picky...but, yes. Quality of life if important to me. Things would have to change. I would like the perfect world.


I have gotten into the show called "Chopped" this is about chefs that compete with oneanother. They are under the gun to make a fabulous entree or appetizer or desert in so many minutes. They are really working under stress. That it like my work. But, I need to do this for the entire shift. Every little thing is timed. How fast do you answer the phone? How fast to you greet customers? HOw fast do you verify the prescription? It is amazing how everything is timed. The clock does not stop until you go home.


We went to see the movie the "COnspiracy". After 2 hours the film broke. WE missed the last 15 minutes ... I do know how the movie ended. I really do not want to go and see the entire thing again. But, William wants to see the end. I am afraid that we will probably not see the end. I would rather see somthing



I planted some plumeria cuttings on Friday. This is a beautiful Hawaiian plant. It grows well in Houston. Well, I am going to try my hand this. I will let you know how it comes out.


William is now snoozing. He woke up too early this morning.


Have a wonderful Easter. Ruth


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Easter blessings to you and William. We went to Easter Saturday service and this was quite a jubilant service. This is a new church for us, and usually the service is traditional, but this service had an 8 piece band with vocalists. They were very good and the music was quite loud. I have not worshipped with that big of a crowd. However, they were having an Easter egg hunt afterward so many kids & families attended. I looked at Larry and he was grinning not knowing what to think but he later said he enjoyed it. LOL Last year at this time Larry was coming home from the SNF in a WC, so he has progressed a lot. As long as he continues forward that is all I ask. We are going to brunch with my son and girlfriend as the other kids all have different families to visit. Talk to you later.



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Ruth and William Happy Easter.

Starting the day out being embraced with the Lords words is beautiful.


William might of gotten up extra early but I look at it this way, William can and is still able to get excited about going to church.


The plant you are starting is a beautiful flower. Do Hawaiians use them for lays?


I have a night in cereus blooming. It blooms one a year after having it for 5 years. blooms only at night, and the flower dies by morning light. The flower has a real strong perfume smell. I am still looking for a cutting from someone.

You have been blessed with taking so good care with William. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebea

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