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Am I biting off more than I can chew



Not sure about this blogging but here goes nothing.


I wasn't too sure where to post this in the forms so I figured to try a blog for the first time in my life.


My wife Kitty is a 10 year stroke survivor. We currently are living on her ssdi, which most of you know there isn't any money to live on there. Now with the cost of living sky rocketing we are having to look for things to cut out that we can live without. (not that we have much now).


One place I am strongly considering, and I am sure the health care pros would agree, is to give up smoking cigarettes. I know it is an excuse not to quiet but I often feel they help me with the stress of caregiving for both my wife and her father who is bed ridden now with only 10% of his lungs functioning due to black lung.


I am just wondering if I should plan to cold turkey quit smoking, (i don't have insurance for myself) or wait till some of the pressure is off my plate to where I can handle quitting.


Thank you in advance for any input I may get. Since my father in law went down just before christmas I really don't have anyone around to talk to except here on the internet with what I hope become new friends.


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hey oldman:


welcome to our wonderful world of blogging. I have found blogging very therupetic for me. sharing my joys & sorrows with others have made me appreciate good things in my life & also get support of my friends here who understand what I am going through. Stroke affects whole family & I feel dealing with affects of stroke is not for sissies. now I understand fully what does not kill you does make you stronger.



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Hey oldman

The pressure getting off your plate can only be compounded with your continuing to smoke

In Oct of 2009, I was puffing 3 packs a day and then on the 20th I was a mass of tangled spagehtti in the middle of the living room floor

After my wife finally got me outside into the truck to go to the ER, I smoked my last cigarette

Hospital did not give me a patch or anything to quit and cold turkey it was.

i feel better, minus stroke symptoms. and oh it is a lot cheaper

Good luck on quiting and do it for your self first and for others later



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It is good to hear from you. I think that cold turkey is the way to go. I have met many people and that seems to work best.

I know that being a caregiver is stressful. This is one of the hardest jobs that i have ever had. I cannot imagine taking care of two people.


Good luck.




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Hi and welcome to blogging. I had not blogged before either but find it very helpful here. You have a lot on your plate with caregiving for two. However, you need to take care of yourself and quitting smoking is the way to go. My son has smoked, and is trying once more to quit. He also has a lot of health problems I think due to smoking. You will have a lot of support here so why not try to quit. I am caregiver to my spouse who had a stroke last Feb. 2010. It is hard work but thankfully I have been able to get through the first year.



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Mike: mine is $80.00 a week-$320.00 a month. 1/2 Bruce's COBRA insurance or 1/2 my health insurance. Bruce, of course, went cold turkey the day of the stroke. Last cigarette 4 am 3/22/09 and I lit it for him, awaiting 911!


I find weaning works for me every one hour, next day every two hours. Julie suggested tonight the gum. First time I quit, I did the weaning. I was clean 1 year when my baby brother was arrested for killing someone. My Mom was in Florida, freaking out. I was all he had here for support. Yes, I lit one and there it starts again.


We find any reason to restart, that I know. My doc said NOT to try at six months post for Bruce. But now at 25 months post, it is time to start again.


I often say, on bad days, I am going outside with my afghan, cigarettes and a bottle of vodka. A lovely way to go out, but where does that leave my Bruce and my family? One day at a time. Debbie

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