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Still me..but not



I've decided I needed to utilize this site more. It's a good tool and so often I feel like no one in the world could ever know how I feel or what I went through. I've changed so much. I'm grateful for the blessings I do have! Afterall, the doctor told my husband to call in my family to say their goodbyes. I defied all the odds; physically that is! But mentally, now that's a different story. Sometimes I don't even know who I am...uhm.gif


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Living: as we all learned pre-stroke; who we are is a dynamic process. We experience, learn, throw out what is no longer working, add some new good stuff. You are in that transition. Go one day at a time, save those things that are working for you, making you happy, feeling satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Don't try to relive what you could and couldn't do pre-stroke. Bruce's Neuro once said to me, he is in there; just presenting himself differently. Work every day at cognitive recovery: read, listen to music, leave notes if you are forgetful. Do not try to multitask-one thing at a time.


You can grieve for your old self, but you will learn in time to rejoice the new you. Best, Debbie

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hey Tammy:

welcome back. I love blogging since it has allowed me to love newme. As I go on this life's journey I realized I am still me just little different on how I achieve certain things, that does not mean I m less of a person anymore. so life is still great just little different. acceptance is biggest struggle for all of us accepting who you have become.





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So...Be thankful for life as a survivor, that's a blessing in itself! After all you have defied the odds so recovering is on your side, go do it!


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