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Back in the saddle



Soooo FINALLY I am starting to feel "normal" for me that is "living life as the new normal" After 3 weeks of living hell I am FINALLY feeling like my old new normal. haha Today was great. Made a point to spend 60 min in Gods Word first thing this morning. I did go to church last night but have fallen out of the habit of reading on my own! For the first time in forever I felt good all day, wasn't tired as usual, got a lot done around the house, was able to play around w/ wedding pics (my daughter just got married), and floated around in the pool w/ my 3 year old while sipping a cold beverage! Nice considering its 105* w/ the heat index in KS! Back to loving life again!!






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Hi Tammy, make the most of the "normal" days,those summer days, particularly those floating in the pool days! Here in Australia, it is cold and damp and some days windy so I am envious of those of you in summer.


Glad you are here in blogworld, it is lovely to read of your progress toward recovery and share your family life.



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Great that you are staying positive, able to focus, and are able to appreciate and enjoy life despite the sweltering heat.


Enjoy floating around and staying cool with your little one!


Maria :friends:

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