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Being punished



Hubby is punishing me for letting him know I was/am upset about him spending $600 for a ring for his guy friend. It's kinda long story but will spell it out if you want later. Hubby has never purchased any jewelry for me in our 21 years of marriage.

He hasn't spoken to me in two days now and the cold war continues. I feel like f*#% you if you don't give a f*#% about my feelings and stop being pisssy about your buddy and that stupid ring.


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....spell it out if we want later? You gotta know curiosity is making us ask why a guy would buy a $600 ring for another guy. Is it to give to his girl/wife? Is it a loan to be paid back? Payment for a favor? Something else?


I'd be ticked off, too, if my husband spent $600 on ANYTHING without us first discussing the matter.



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The ring is for his friend, Kim,a guy friend, who is retiring and moving to Mexico. It will have 3 birth stones in it... one for my hubby, one for another friend,Dan, and the last for Kim's son who died in a bicycle/car accident years ago which has made Kim an alcoholic. It's supposedly to help Kim remember his friends and son. yikes.gifwaycon1.gif

This ring was Dan's idea and Joe,hubby. is only going to tell Dan to pay 1/3 of the cost.

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We want it spelled out. That's something we need to whole story too.


Paying that much for something defently requires mutual consent. I'm in your corner.



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I was slow on the draw.


This reminds me of the old Friends Forever pendents that my sister and her friends use to do when dad had to relocate.


This just isn't settling right with me. If you want a "to remember us by" gift, pay $15.00 to have a picture blown up. That is defently going overboard.



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Since he is the only breadwinner and I don't earn anything other than my disability, my opinion of what is to be done with 'his' money doesn't mean sh*%.

But that's the way things have always been with him...if I want to spend a sizable portion of money, it usually gets vetoed, but if he wants to spend 'his' money on something... he does without hesitation.

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He's mad at you for getting mad? I won't openly express what I think about that, but I bet you know.


OK, I will express it. He's got a lot of nerve, putting his anger onto you for your normal reaction. Anyone would have been downright enraged or at least upset, about this whole situation. I know I would have.

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I WOULD BE LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how DARE joe spend $600 on a ring that won't even be appreciated and has NEVER given YOU any jewelry. you should punish HIM, THAT'S WHAT. i know we all know our own spouse's "butttons" and you need to push his!!!!!!


revenge is sweet and i would NOT pass up this opportumity to "dish it out" you are not in the wrong here and do not back down!!!!!!!!!!!!




kim Argh.gif

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I am not/nor have I ever been a vengeful person...If wronged, I usually just simmer with bitterness and feel rejected/hated. I wouldn't know how to 'get even' or punish him. waycon1.gif

Anyway, it seems he's gotten over his rage for a while. He said goodnight to me last night and talked to me this morning.

Life is fun...fly by the seat of you pants without a map or intructions...just improvise as you go along. sad.gif

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i KNOW you are right. revenge is counterproductive and takes a LOT of energy which is probably why i am tired all of the time!!!!! lol. HOWEVER, i believe it is an innate character flaw which can not be learned or unlearned. i have worked on this flaw of mine, as i don't LIKE to be vengeful, but when i get REALLY mad, it rears it's ugly head again!!!!!


i can't be satisfied until the perpetrator has been adequately punished. Furious.gifFlame-On.gifBashHead.gif

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I wait for the Lord to repay. His word says..vengence is MINE. So I figure He will come up with a much better repayment for an offense.

Anyway, maybe, I'm just not smart enough to think of something to retaliate. I've always seemed to be slow on the draw when it comes to arguements. DUH. Now, with brain damage, there's no hope for a quick rebuttle. waycon1.gif

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