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Favorite Movies list



This list will in no way come near the 50 list Kim made up, but I'll try to list at least 30.


Movies I enjoy seeing again & again...

1) Groundhog Day

2) Gone with the wind

3) What about Bob? ...yes I like Bill Murray

4) The Rock with Sean Connery

5) The Wedding Singer

6) Roxanne with Steve Martin

7) Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Martin Short

8) Exodus with Charlton Heston

9) Uncle Buck with John Candy

10) Black Sheep with Chris Farley

11) Home Alone....it's funny!( I heard you groan)

12) Enemy of the State with Will Smith

13) Elf with Will Farrell

14) Eraser with Arnold Schwartzennegger

15) Dances with wolves with Kevin Costner

16) Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks

17) Indiana Jones with what's-his-name

18) Uncle Buck with John Candy

19) Planes, trains, and automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy


You might have guessed, I like comedies and romance.

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how could i have left off what about bob!!!!!!! that is one of the FUNNIEST movies i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my list was too short!


kim ohmy.gif

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