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Daughter came for short visit



My daughter, Tina, came for a short visit this past weekend. She is my lifeline when I crash every now and then. She noticed a difference in Larry's walking from the last time she was here in December. She said he was walking better. I thought he had slowed but I guess I was not noticing the change. Larry is always happy to see her and she seems to lift us both up.


We recently sold one of our old cars, a 17 yr.old Honda, and bought a new Honda. We have another older car which is kind of a delimma to keep, since Larry can't drive now, but will he ever??? I recently had to get it inspected for the license renewal and it cost another $433. I told Larry it is hard to keep two cars running. I don't want to go through selling it either which is a pain. I think my son will buy it once he comes up with the $$. That will be another problem solved. This way I don't have to back the car out of the garage each time I help Larry transfer in. Larry even suggested leasing another car but I put the kabash on that. We will think about another car once Larry is able to drive. I know he wants to drive again but I think he is realizing that may not happen.


The weather here went from rain and cool to extreme heat. I have been getting Larry out for walks in the park to build up his endurance. He goes, but tires, and can't walk too far. I hope this will help him strengthen his gait.


The cicadis have arrived here and are quite annoying. You can here the loud chirping coming from the trees. So far, they have not eaten my plants. I just find their empty shells all over.


:cheer: Summer is here!



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Julie: I am so glad you and Larry both enjoyed Tina's visit. That sense of relief and support when they walk through the door!


Those walks are paying off. OK he gets tired, obviously from Tina's observations, his endurance is building. The humidity here is killing Bruce-it is June 1st right? Again cold to hot overnight. Fortunately we have the AC in. With this new front in tonight, next week should be back to Spring-warm and relatively dry. Hoping to get in some deck time this week.


Sounds like a good plan in place for the car. Good for you. Good week, Debbie

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