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alot has happened



I have not logged on lately or blogged recently either and there has been a lot going on. I graduated with my Associate of Science and got accepted into my teaching program at TSU (Tennessee State University). About a week or two after I graduated I moved out of my parents home and started my independent life as an adult. I just couldn't take it anymore I love my family but the stress was unbearable for me literally and metaphorically. I was getting sick almost everyday and I wasn't eating or sleeping . I moved all my stuff into storage and moved in with my bestfriend for about 3 weeks and then moved into my apartment. I am still close enough to be there for my parents if they need me but far enough away to get some space. My dad is getting worse not better he is meaner than ever but he is nice when I visit every week. My mom took it a little hard when I moved because I did everything for them I did the bills and the shopping and I took care of him. Now she has to step up and be the wife and caregiver and she is not used to doing everything herself. I was enabling her to just sit there and watch me do everything. I did feel really guilty at first but not anymore. I am 23 and I need to learn to grow up and be more independent and my mom has to take care of her husband not watch her daughter do it. I love them so much but I did this for me I decided to be selfish and get myself out of that stressful situation. I still go over and help but my mom knows that it is only help and that I will not do everything like before. My boyfriend is signing his military contract in about a week and will be in the Army. I have so much going on and I am still getting used to living on my own with no one else around. I think in time it will not bother me as much but I have togive it time. I will try to blog weekly since now I will have the time but we will have to see. Thanks for all the comments to my previous blogs remember if you have nothing positive to add I would rather not have to read it I realize that this sounds childish but I have enough going on that any negativity really doesn't help it just makes it a little worse.

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wow in one month so much has happened. I hope in your new independent life you keep us updated more often. congratulations on your graduation & getting admission into TSU. I am happy that you will be helping mom whenever she ask for it. Maybe streamlining her bill payments to direct payment will make your life easy


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