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I graduate this Saturday with my associate's degree. I am nervous about how dad will handle it. He doesn't like to be still or to be quiet for long periods of time. The ceremony is going to be an hour and a half and that may too much for him to handle. He seems excited about going but I hope that we don't have any problems. I am nervous for him as well as me.


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Lavenac: this is your night! Congratulations and good job! Well-earned, especially with what you have gone through these past few months.


Tell your Mom, if he acts up, remove him. Take him home! He is not allowed to rain on your parade.


Have a wonderful night-regale and enjoy your time in the spot light with your boyfriend. Next day, start anew. Congratulations, Debbie

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Lavena...like anyone with a restless spirit if you Dad and Mom sit on the edge of the crowd or close by an exit they can come and go as needed. As long as they are there to see you graduate.


Good effort you!


Congratulations and best wishes for a great future.



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:congrats: on your graduation. I agree with Debbie & Sue tell your parents to sit close to exit, so if your dad is feeling edgy he can go out quickly & then come back again so catch up on the ceremony. Enjoy your day & don't let any outside event ruin your day, enjoy your day to fullest


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