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Tomorrow is the day



I've spent my morning packing away 13 years worth of collected "stuff" to take home from the office. It's personal stuff like my mug, dry eraseboard puzzel pieces, desk fan, coding manuals, pictures, sweater, "executive" dart board, etc. Took a whole box to get it all collected up. My desk looks so bare now. Nothing on the walls but some purple push pins. Nothing on the desk by the monitor, keyboard, mouse, a note pad and a pen. Nothing in the drawers. It's all in a box with my name on it, sitting on the window sill until this evening, when a co-worker will walk it out to my car.


HR came by this morning, as I was packing up, and asked how I was feeling. God bless her soul, she actually cares about whether or not I'm emotionally ok with all of this. I told her I was fine, and I am. A little meloncholy, perhaps, but who wouldn't be after so long with the same company? I've done a lot and had a lot go down here over the past decade plus.


Tomorrow I will make sure all of my reporting and knowledge tasks are transitioned over to whomever will be taking them over, then I will say my personal good byes, have my exit interview and leave the office in time to have lunch with a friend.


So ends the CGS chapter of my life. It's been a good one. Had its ups and downs, but been a good one over all.


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hey Lydia:


I can understand your feelings, but now the new chapter of your life begins & who to say it won't be much more fun than your last chapter. I look forward to meeting you in our afternoon chat.




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Lydia: we close one chapter and open another. You have so many new and exciting things you want to experience for the "new" you.


I remember leaving my job to enter nursing school at 43 years old. Very scary. But I could not work 60 hours a week and attend school full time, and knew in my heart I had made the right decision. Still all those memories, leaving them behind. I think after our 30th birthday, change is definitely uncomfortable. But we are sometimes forced to take the dive, as much as we don't like holding our breath.


Enjoy your last day, have a terrific lunch. Put that box away until you are able to deal with it. And tomorrow, sleep in! Best and keep us updated-Debbie

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