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Ending Early



I've tried not taking the valium. My focus spasms in both eyes constantly, even when my eyes are closed. I tried taking half a valium - 2.5 mil, and couldn't stay awake. I even tried taking a quarter of a valium - 1.25 mil and I still can't think straight. I'm making "careless" mistakes, which, at this time, affect the attendance and adherence of the entire call center, which could impact some one's performance review or even their employment. I can't be making simple mistakes. Unfortunately, I can't see straight without the valium and I can't think straight with it. So, this Friday, 6/17/2011 is my last day. I'm allowing myself to be laid off, or as I put it, medically retiring.


I'm not sad about it. I talked to my mother and she told me that, at thins point in life, I need to do what is best for me. A job just isn't worth my health. She also said she would help me out however I needed her to, while we get everything straightened around with finances and the like. Good to know my family is there and willing to help.


A co-worker asked me what I intended t od onow that I won't be working. I told him I planned to focus on my artwork - as long as I still had the faculties enough to do so - and my friends and family, the really important things in life.


I'll let the attornies handle the rest. This is stress I just don't need to take on by myself.


I'll miss some of the people I've worked with for a long time, but I have their phoen numbers and they have mine. We can keep in touch.


For the next 2 days, I will be handing over the reamining tasks that I have to other people and then, Friday afternoon, I turn in my security badge.


Good bye office. It's been an interesting ride, one I would do again if given the chance.


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I agree with you, welcome to the retired community! This living takes getting used to like I did. It sure does make you grow wiser in health. I now know how to stay on the hammock without falling to the ground. If I could just keep these birds from pooping on me I'd really be OK! :happydance:


Why can't they sit in another tree while I'm under this one? :big_grin:

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I am glad you are taking early retirement aka laid off, It helps to have great family and friends support around you. Enjoy your early retirement. remember you have worked hard for it. hopefully you will make sure to come & join us in our afternoon & evening chats to spend time together. after retirement life will be just different. take it one day at a time.



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