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having a conscience sucks sometimes



well so i agreed to watch my niece and nephew for the summer and not knowing it was going to be so hard. I love them but my son, who is 8, had to grow up fast to be a little 'daddy's helper' when he was at work. I have adapted to that and my sisters children are 'normal' kids who run around and play. But that week had then was to much. Always having to correct them and clean up after them was to much. I love having them here but for small doses.


My sister explains to mew that she understands that I can't but doesn't understand why I didn't call upon our mom ( mom-mom) to help out. I didn't see a change in me but my husband and family saw I run down and slurring a lot. They're only concerned about my health..and for that I thank them.



My father,who i swear lives in my head,got the feeling that my sister and brother in law were more upset that they were going to be 'locked-down' with the kids. The way my sister was talking was it was costing her to much to come down here every week so it would've been better if they stayed down here. Ah,,, no way. I could have caused myself to have another stroke.Ria nailed it on the head with the Catholic school guilt. Having a conscience and guilt is hard post stroke lol.


I have to learn to do me and just because it doesn't make them happy, isn't always a bad thing, I have to do me regardless. They can find new jobs but i can only have one life. I'm not the same person as before. I can't watch all the kids and have parties for them and take them to the park or beach and jump around. She says she knows that but at the end of the day..she has to get over it. I'll always be her sister



The deal at first was I'd watch the kids and once every two weeks she'd take my to NYc for my therapy. well she wasn't even doing that. He husband just needs to get a real paying job and support his family. not place all the burdens on me


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Kelli: you did a grand and noble thing for your sister and her family. I know you love them and wanted to try to help and you gave it a shot. Wasn't like you just said no. And in all fairness, it was not up to you to call Mom to help.


I loved Maria's insight and response to you. She is so sensitive, we are so lucky to have her. Sometimes I think when we get advice that really hits home, makes it easier to face up to the task. Not just the platitudes about family and stepping up. One of these days I will need to get her into my head-lol.


Put it aside for a while. In time, things will even out again. In the meantime take care of you and yours. Get stronger, healthier and see what next spring bring. Know I am praying that you will find some peace in your heart. Debbie

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Kellie, The joy of kids. I personally don't have any. But sometimes the parents are worse than the kids.

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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