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DIY therapy



One of my daily enjoyments is snacking on a handful of cashews... The therapy comes into play in the fact that I am using chopsticks....


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Good for you my hands wouldn't let me use them, either hand! :big_grin: I think I eat pecan halves all the time or put them in my cereal. Keep up the therapy!

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God for you. Chopstick therapy was used on me before I stroked. When my hubby and I were dating He would take me out for Chinese food and only let me use chopsticks. lol It worked I can use chopsticks. Until I stroked I had to go threw it all over again but, this time I did it at home and used them for when I was eating anything. :Clap-Hands:Yes, it's great therapy. Keep it up for figures are the last to come back.

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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