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luck happens when opportunity meets preparedness



I love watching oprah in my retirement & now that she has her own "OWN" channel I get to see her more. I find her very spiritual person. she quoted my title line " luck happens when opportunity meets preparedness". when I started inspecting this line deeper I realize how true is that statement. Yes in my life I have gotton lucky breaks but I have worked hard with help of God to convert those opportunity into lucky breaks. I realize networking has helped me land job interview but after landing job have always worked hard to retain & prosper in it. & ofcourse I loved my new AHA lines choices in my life created my own destiny & no one is responsible for my life but me. I also like what Maya Angelou says is "when you know better you do better" so in my life I have made some good & some bad choices which created my destiny. I believe in life good & bad things both happen to you, its your attitude towards it will make you either bitter or better person. ok now I will end my spiritual session lol




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I like your spiritual lessons Asha. You often have something to say that starts me thinking.


Thank you for being you.



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What makes everything so much better is you are enjoying living life with what you got left! That doesn't leave time to feel sorry in any way. Life is good and we only got one shot at it, hit or miss! :You-Rock: :big_grin:

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